Bunny Hutch St.Peter's Point
Long Island, Μπαχαμεσ


Σχετικά Bunny Hutch St.Peter's Point

This property is located at the very northern end of Long Island, 6.43 acres with approximately 500' of beach. Bunny Hutch is a very unique property and perfect for nature lovers, those who enjoy privacy and tranquility.

This property is a perfect vantage point for viewing breathtaking Long Island Sunsets and enjoying cool North West Breeze. It is ideally located just 15 minutes from Stella Maris Airport and The Cape Santa Maria Beach Club.
Αλλαγή νομίσματος
Τιμή / Τετρ. πόδια:
Πλήρη μπάνια
1,200 Τετρ. πόδια
Κωδικός MLS
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