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Linda Daniels

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Town Coverage: Rancho Santa Fe, California
Ranking in the top of all La Jolla agents for a decade is not what defines Linda. The true rewards are much less tangible: it is the sense of pride, the sense of contentment, that come from a job well done. The daughter of hard-working immigrant parents, Linda was raised to set high goals and to always do what she knew in her heart was right, even if it meant sacrificing in the short term for a greater gain in the long run.

Linda Daniels works in La Jolla which has a population of 42,826. La Jolla has a household income of $68,691. The educational attainment of residents of La Jolla includes 85.68% of adults who have at least a college degree.
Residents in La Jolla will typically attend school in .

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Linda Daniels

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La Jolla, California, 92037 United States
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