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Bordeaux, France  

Headquartered just south of St Emilion in the heart of Bordeaux wine country Maxwell-Baynes offices in a converted nineteenth century farmhouse. This somewhat rural and isolated location is essential as a response to the discretion and privacy that is demanded by wine industry clients. Equally the offices act as a reality brochure given that architecturally the buildings represent an archetype of the region and the sort of residential property that are often sought in South West France. In addition Maxwell-Baynes has offices in the urban setting of the centre of Bordeaux, Cognac and the Dordogne Valley near Sainte Foy la Grande.
Coverage Area:
France, Aquitaine,
Merignas, Bergerac, Bordeaux*France, Poitou-Charentes,
Bordeaux Office
Gabiran, 33350 Merignas Bordeaux, Gironde, 33350 France

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