Spectacular Horse Stud Farm
San Bernardo, San Bernardo, Region Metropolitana De Santiago, チリ


About Spectacular Horse Stud Farm

Just 40 minutes south of Santiago, close to Morande Vineyards, and easily accesible from the Ruta 5 highway, this spectacular property features two adjoining plots dedicated to horse breeding. Currently it houses polo, endurance and racehorses. Four enclosed paddocks are used for grazing and leisure while the remaining plots serve for harvesting alfalfa and forage which is used for the animals, these plots have a modern spray irrigation system and water tanks. A modern riding stable houses 33 fully equiped horse stalls and complete maternity ward, an excersise enclosure can be found adyacent to the stable. A short walk from these buildings a staff cottage completes this well rounded property.


  • 馬 / 馬術プロパティ
  • 馬(複数可)可
  • 牧場の土地
  • マウンテン・ビュー
  • Scenic View
  • Horse Facilities
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