Idyllic home with private beach and clear waters
Angra Dos Reis, 브라질

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부동산 소개 Idyllic home with private beach and clear waters

Situated in Porto Galo's gated community in one of the 365 islands of Angra dos Reis, this scenic property perfectly balances the tranquility and nature of the southern state of Rio de Janeiro. Spanning 480m², this dreamy house boasts a private beach with its own deck, hot tub and gym, and plenty of comfortable spaces to relax in the lush Brazilian ambiance. It took 7 years to build this bright and spacious home, made entirely of long lasting materials, which requires no maintenance. It features a bamboo-tressed roof, a symmetrically arranged living area with beautiful furniture designed by Sig Bergamin, and a fireplace accompanied by daybed Barcelona, from Mies van der Rohe.


  • 보트 램프 / 선착장
  • 벽난로 (들)
  • 체육관
  • 바닷가
  • 비치 프론트
  • 힐 / 마운틴 뷰
  • 수영장 (들)
  • 전망
  • 바닷가
가격 문의 요망
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