true island experience

true island experience
Panama City, Panamá

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Sobre Ocean Reef Island Panama City

Ocean Reef Islands comprise of two individual islands, I and II of 103,251 m2 and 87,552.95 m2 respectively that are interconnected by a bridge. A private residential community of unrivaled luxury and splendor. Ocean Reef Residents, Club members and guests will enjoy sumptuous amenities in a development that includes:Two islands that will be enjoyed by a selected and limited number of privileged owners and guests.A variety of home sites that redefine waterfront property ownership surrounded by an array of exclusive living options for connoisseurs of luxury with access to a full range of world class facilities.Luxurious 2-3 level Waterfront Residences or Garden Apartments with splendid views to the Gulf and Panama City equipped with exceptional facilities where the residents convenience and leisure are the highest priority.Exquisite Design Guidelines enforceable throughout the islands that guarantee the architectural style, language and eminence of the residences.Lush landscaping, parks and recreational areas including Tennis and multi-purpose facilities, which will be featured prominently throughout the project.Fiber optics across the islands vital to keep you connected to your business and/or personal interests.The islands will be connected to the mainland by one bridge of approximately 160 meters, making the commute to and from the mainland in only 5 minutes.24-hour restricted access monitored by a highly-trained security -team will ensure safety and privacy.


  •  Facilidades Do Barco
  •  Do Barco Rampa / Dock Barco
  •  Academia
  •  Nova construção
  •  Piscina
  •  Sistema de segurança
  •  Quadra(s) de tênis
  •  Heliporto
  •  Piscina ao ar livre
  •  Golfe Carrinho Garagem
  •  Garagens para 4 carros
  •  Piscina (s)
  •  Visão
  •  Vista para o mar / rio
  •  Frente ao mar
  •  Quadra de Basquete)
  •  Academia
  •  Marina
  •  Novo Casas
  •  Pátio de recreio
  •  Restaurante / Lanche Barra
  •  Calçadas
  •  Estância termal/ Piscina
  •  Tênis
  •  As Luzes da Cidade
  •  Vista para montanha
  •  Vista para o mar
  •  Frente para o mar
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