Mid-Century Modern in Westport, CT

Mid-Century Modern in Westport, CT
Westport, Connecticut, 06880 Hoa Kỳ


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Take a mid century modern design of Aaron Resnick, student of Frank Lloyd Wright, update it, and you have a 21st century home like no other. Organic. Zen. A Statement Home. Located on one of the best streets in Westport, with an abundance of architectural delights as well as the 16 acre Caryl & Edna Haskins Preserve; you are within walking distance of downtown & 2 miles from Longshore Country Club. Formerly the home of one of Westport's cherished daughters, Susan Malloy; this renovated home will delight your senses, both inside & out. Best of all, why wait for summer; what better than swimming or enjoying the spa while the snow is gently falling outside? This home must be seen - if you've been waiting to buy; your wait is over.

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  •  Garage cho 2 xe
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Giá / Bộ vg.:
Phòng Ngủ
4,200 Bộ vg
Nội Thất
1.4 Mẫu Anh
Ngoại Thất
Nhà ở một gia đình
Năm xây dựng
(# http://www.higginsgroup.com/homes-for-sale-details/8-DOGWOOD-LANE-WESTPORT-CT-06880/99123964/20/ ?

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