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The Girasol estate
This is an exceptional estate. Set on nearly 7.5 acres, the property offers unrivalled luxury and living comfort. Both the habitat and its surroundings are a winning combination.The overwhelming first impression is that of entering a green oasis. With nearly 600 plant species throughout the estate and a majestic coconut grove, you are immersed in a place of exceptional purity and refined detail.Originally built by banker and businessman Benjamin de Rothschild, it covers a total area of more than 7 acres, bordering the sea, with a 175 yard beachfront. A very beautiful holiday home to begin with, the current owners have improved every level of comfort and have created one of the jewels of the island.Located on the Atlantic coast, it is on the beach of Marigot, whose waters are classified as a natural protected area. It offers two villas (and a guardian's house) where tranquillity, peace and opulence reign.

The Caribbean villa
The Guest Villa overlooks the bay and Turtle Island can be seen in the distance. Built around a deep blue swimming pool, the architecture is typically Caribbean. The construction is in exotic Brazilian wood and the property blends elegantly with the native flora. There are three large bedrooms with ensuite lava-stone bathrooms. The lounge is a picturesque haven of peace. It can accommodate family and friends in an exotic environment with refined comforts.

The main villa
The main villa resembles a masterpiece.A well planned, intimate and private resort it has several comfortable relaxation areas.The villa is bejewelled with works of art. The rooms in this extensive home have been thoughtfully personalized and offer sumptuous reception areas. The three bedrooms are connected to terraces adorned with vegetation and bordered by Japanese basins. The master suite embodies quintessential comfort and luxury with a marbled bathroom, infinitely deep armchairs and bedside tables under windows overlooking lush greenery.The fitness room has a cross trainer, bicycle and treadmill and overlooks an authentic inner lagoon. This is the name that can be given to this blissful pool with grandiose dimensions (500 cubic yards of water, 10 feet deep), whose riprap reveals both a magical and impressive realism. Day and night, its allure is such that there is no need to explore the island in search of similar wonderment!

An island in itself
The welcoming living room is both splendid and private, and embodies all the charm and elegance of the house. A wooden path scattered with palm trees, shrubs and climbing and herbaceous plants, leads to several inviting outside living areas. The various gazebos are spaced at regular intervals and are perfect for relaxing and entertaining: one is ideal for a cocktail with friends, another for a family dinner. The computer-controlled jacuzzis create an abundance of relaxing bubbles and a bench, rather like a half-coconut, faces the ocean and is an invitation for pause and reflection. Here, the possibilities are endless, with standards of near perfection. It is a cocoon of absolute intimacy, ahead of its time, out of this world.With technical equipment worthy of the best hotels, this property creates the feeling of being in your own Caribbean paradise. A living room, an office with two work areas, a multimedia room and a guardian's house with two bedrooms complete the property. Below the estate, like a final touch brought to a masterpiece, the coconut grove offers a discreet and natural barrier on a 1.2 acre lawn.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that photos presenting the properties do not necessarily reflect the reality of the current state of the properties for sale. We strongly advise you to contact us to obtain up-to-date information

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