Golf and Beach Resort Panama

Golf and Beach Resort Panama
Panama, Panama

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Về Golf and Beach Resort Panama

300 hectares of luxury condominiums, townhouses and waterfront homes, surrounded by only golf course in Latin America where every hole has an ocean view. A gateway will take you to the main sales office. From there, you can participate in any of the various services and activities available in Vista Mar Golf & Beach Resort, as an exclusive clubhouse with spa, resort, meditation garden, professional tennis courts, golf pro shop, club beach with swimming pool, 2 heliports, and one of the best restaurants in the country with Terrazas del Mar.The units range from condominium units, a two-story residences, townhouses, all around the golf course with 18 holes that make the whole project design. Prospective buyers can buy plots and / or build your own home on your specifications or choose from the models created by the Warner group including architectural firms. Condos for Las Olas I & II and Las Brisas has 180 degree views, which means that you are able to see both the sunrise and sunset with sea and mountain views. Our homes, terraces and luxury apartment units have a unique aesthetic that makes them very luxurious and comfortable.The infinity pool overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and every hole of our golf course has an ocean view. One of the best restaurants in Panama with Terrazas del Mar by Pascal Finet, perfect weather and a full trained and bilingual staff masterplan Vista Mar Golf & Beach Resort

Tiện Nghi

  •  Xe đạp / đi bộ đường mòn
  •  Thiết bị tàu
  •  Thuyền Ramp / Thuyền Dock
  •  Phòng thể dục
  •  Mới xây
  •  Hồbơi
  •  Spa
  •  Sân quần vợt
  •  Bếp ngoài trời
  •  Hồ bơi ngoài trời
  •  Golf giỏ ​​hàng để xe
  •  Trung hòa nhiệt độ
  •  4 hoặc nhiều hơn xe Garage
  •  Bờbiển
  •  Bờbiểntrướcmặt
  •  Sân gôn
  •  Hồbơi (s)
  •  Khu nghỉ dưỡng
  •  Lượtxem
  •  Nhìn ra sông hồ
  •  Gần mặt nước
  •  Thân thiện với môi trường (Xanh)
  •  Phòng tập thể dục
  •  sân gôn
  •  Phòngthểdục
  •  Marina
  •  Các ngôi nhà mới
  •  Sân chơi
  •  Nhàhàng / Snack Bar
  •  ĐibộĐườngmòn / Đibộ / xeđạp
  •  Nhìn ra biển
  •  Gần mặt nước
  •  Clubhouse / Rec. Room
  •  Golf
  •  Tennis
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