Casa Quetzal
圣米格尔, 瓜纳华托, 37700 墨西哥


关于 Casa Quetzal

If stones could speak the ancient walls of San Miguel's Casa Quetzal Hotel would tell many tales. This venerable Spanish Colonial property stands as a tribute to the past from its prominent position along a cobblestone street in the heart of the Central Historic District. An endangered species, the Quetzal bird holds a legendary status and the name was given to suggest a reverence for and preservation of a fleeting and authentic Old Mexico.For over a decade, Casa Quetzal has been a favorite among an international clientele who appreciate its unique charms returning year after year to be welcomed through its massive arch into the sweeping entrance courtyard. Although there have been many notable guests, perhaps the most memorable were the descendants of Poncho Villa who once rented the entire compound for a special family occasion.An amble through the 5700 square foot property is like a remembrance of things past seamlessly paired with 21st Century amenities. The former private residence is replete with fine wrought iron details, carved limestone-finishes, tiled floors and romantic passageways. Leafy patios and resplendent, flower-filled terraces buffer individual accommodations creating a sense of refuge and retreat.Each of the nine spacious guest suites has been refurbished with modern plumbing and lighting. Sitting rooms, dining rooms and ample baths are handsomely appointed with intriguing and eclectic decorations appealing to a cosmopolitan sensibility. Adjoining rooms are easily reconfigured to accommodate larger parties and suggest possibilities for refashioning the property back into a private residence. Commanding vistas of San Miguel's famed Parroquia cathedral and other significant Spanish Colonial architectural landmarks are visible from the top floors– all just steps away from the front door.With its superb location, enduring presence, echoes of a romantic history and contemporary amenities, it's no wonder Casa Quetzal has been a preferred San Miguel destination for nearly a generation.


  •  门卫
  •  壁炉(补)
  •  Spa / 户外按摩浴缸
  •  院落
  •  无供暖系统
  •  视图
  •  篮球场(S)
  •  门卫 / 礼宾
  •  公共交通
  •  人行道
  •  城市夜景景观
  •  晓晖
  •  Laundry Facilities
Price / Sq. Ft.:
$342 /
Annual taxes:
5,704 平方英尺
.148 英亩
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