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Riccardo Romolini

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Riccardo is CEO and founder of Agenzia Romolini Immobiliare S.r.l. Born in Umbria, Riccardo spent his childhood in a small village in Tuscany, maturing a deep interest for the history of his country, soon converted into a strong passion for Architecture, Art and Antiques. Riccardo began his career as a real estate agent addressing, since the very beginning, his interest to old properties. Having attended the course for Real Estate agents run by the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo, he took the final exam, and passed with the top marks, first in the list within the whole district of Arezzo. In 2004, with his wife Marta, he founded his own agency, ""Romolini immbiliare"" by choosing, as seat, the beautiful medieval town of Anghiari. Married and father of three children, Riccardo is estimated by his clients for his professionalism, deep knowledge of the international real estate market, as well as for his diplomacy that led him, over the years, to many excellent results. He is fluent in written and spoken Italian and English

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