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Town Coverage:
Toronto, Ontario
Diligent, sincere, discreet and always client focused.

Jimmy Molloy was born in Toronto and received a B.A. in history and economics at the University of Toronto. Jimmy's first career was as the owner of the city's top French restaurant, Auberge Gavroche. It was while catering to the dining needs of the city's elite that Jimmy learned the importance of service – a skill he has transferred to the real estate world. Jimmy's desire to please has matured into a unique ability to tailor the buying and selling process for each individual client. Jimmy's firsthand experience as a business owner also helped him develop expert negotiation skills, and a genuine desire to strive for the best possible outcome for every client. Jimmy's client list also includes international celebrities from the worlds of music, film, television and finance – but you would never know it because Jimmy won't name names.

I don't perceive myself as a superstar real estate agent, he adds. When people are finished dealing with me, they feel good about the process. I'm trying to make them feel like they're the star. That their house is the star. This is what matters.

Jimmy Molloy

1300 Yonge Street
Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario, M4T1X3 Canada