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Josh Mohr has swiftly established himself as one of coastal Orange County's most effective real estate professionals, facilitating consistently rewarding outcomes for his clients and delivering an unmatched level of service every step of the way. The secret to his success is refreshingly simple: along with a seasoned ability to build lasting relationships, he brings to the table a proven ability to build long-term wealth through real estate investments.

By focusing on these key principles, Josh offers his clients a distinct advantage as they pursue some of life's most critical objectives-and by working with the same level of drive and determination that has propelled him to the top of every professional endeavor he has set out to achieve, he manages to surpass even the highest expectations time and time again. A Fullerton native who discovered his passion for surfing at the age of 12, Josh could easily have allowed the distance between his hometown and the beach to stand in the way of his dream of going pro. Instead, he rode the bus to Huntington Beach every day for an hour each way until he was old enough to drive, and in 1993 he won his first professional surfing contest, launching a 15-year career that would include four US Professional Surfing Titles. In building a thriving aerospace business from the ground up, he similarly defied the odds; by coming up with innovative ways to offer value to his customers, he positioned his company for success in a crowded and fiercely competitive marketplace. Finally, having developed custom outreach programs for major brands within the surf community, including Coors Brewing Company, Airwalk Shoes, and Toyota, Josh offers additional expertise as a marketer, rendering him one of the industry's most well-rounded real estate professionals.

Today, as the head of Mohr Real Estate Group, Josh sets himself apart from the competition not only with his own invaluable skills and expertise, but with the many tools and benefits exclusive to First Team Real Estate. Thanks to the organization's strategic partnerships with luxury powerhouses like Christie's International Real Estate, Josh is able to give his clients every possible advantage, including access to a vetted network of qualified luxury buyers around the globe. Most importantly, he's part of an organization that's focused on outstanding service above all else. Together, Mohr Real Estate Group and First Team Real Estate ensure a level of opportunity for buyers and sellers that remains unrivaled.

Josh Mohr

19021 Goldenwest St.
Huntington Beach, California, 92648 United States