Real Estate Agent

Mackenzie has had her roots in Chicago since the age of four. After graduating business school from Colorado State University with a focus in marketing, she took a few years helping run the family railroad business in Los Angeles. Following that, her passion for real estate took over and she decided to devote full time into the business focusing on Chicago. Her background in customer service and analytics has helped propel her into the real estate business and earn the trust of her client's.

Learning everything from the unique architecture of Chicago to all of the cultural gems of this rich historical city, she has fallen even harder in love.  


Personable, outgoing, and dependable, she will make sure you have a seamless and fun experience. Her strong intuition and analytical skills help her to understand her clients needs on another level. 


When not working, Mackenzie loves to travel around not only this amazing city but the whole world. From Austria, to France, to Switzerland, her love for exploring is relentless. Born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, she is accustomed to all things mountain related. When the opportunity arises, returning to the family ranch in Steamboat Springs has become an outlet. But, of course, the need for this busy city life creeps up quickly and she finds herself recharged and craving for action in no time. 

Mackenzie Marias

548 W. Webster Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, 60614 United States