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A Career in Art: Christie’s Jennifer Zatorski

The President of Christie’s North and South America talks to Luxury Defined about her time at the auction house and her new role overseeing operations throughout the Americas

Taking on the role of President of Christie’s North and South America is the latest step in Jennifer Zatorski’s distinguished career. Here she talks about her working life, the changes she’s seen at Christie’s, and how the art market is thriving.

Tell us about your career at Christie’s.
I was drawn to Christie’s because of my passion for art, and my career can best be described as an evolution. Within the first few years I decided that I wanted to work on the business side, and then my career developed across the business. With the organization’s support I have held roles in a range of departments including Business Management, the Commercial Office, Finance, and the Specialist Art Departments. My most recent role was President of Christie’s Art Departments. Working across a variety of functions has given me a broad scope of insights, which I depend on in my new position.

In a career spanning 26 years, Jennifer Zatorski has been appointed President of Christie’s North and South America.

How has your role changed now that you are President of Christie’s North and South American operations?
I will take on a broader role overseeing Christie’s operations throughout the Americas. It is an honor to take on this new position and to build on our successes in this region, where our priority is serving our clients in the most creative and comprehensive way.

As an organization, we recognize the effect that art can have on people’s lives

You’ve been at the auction house for 26 years. How would you say it has changed?
There are three main areas of change that I have witnessed at Christie’s. The first is its globalization and reach. The scope of this during my tenure is exemplified in our major growth in Asia—buying from Asia accounts for more than a quarter of our business. The second is the level of sophistication and complexity in winning competitive business, namely private collections and masterpieces, which has intensified dramatically to meet the requests and needs of our clients. The third is Christie’s role as a cultural player, which we have determinedly grown through the years. As an organization, we recognize the effect that art can have on people’s lives, and it is very important that we utilize our position, along with all of our platforms and channels, to impact the broadest possible audience from a cultural standpoint.

Christies auction house in New York's Rockefeller Plaza with revolving doors
Christie's is a major cultural player in New York City, with regular auctions and exhibitions taking place at the iconic Rockefeller Plaza in Midtown.

What are you most excited about in 2019, for Christie’s and for the art world generally?
The art market is very strong. The trends that we are seeing in respect to online sales and new buyers coming into Christie’s from across the globe are very exciting, and offer great opportunity for Christie’s and for the wider art market.