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All Aboard: 9 Style, Tech, and Beauty Essentials for a Summer Yacht Vacation

If life on the water is beckoning this summer, take a look at the latest fashion, beauty, and tech accessories designed to put even more pleasure into yachting

One of the joys of summer is time spent on the water. But sunny days enjoyed on yachts and pleasure craft require smart wardrobe choices, and the right accessories to complement your activities. Our editors have picked the latest summer essentials to help…

1. Timepiece by Ulysse Nardin 

Ulysee watch
You’ll have to move fast if you want to own the platinum edition of this Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht watch—there are just 30 of this style available. Banner Image: Igor Sambolec

Time stands still on the best holidays, but while you’re at sea you’ll need to keep an eye on tides (and perhaps cocktail hour, too.) The acclaimed Marine Grand Deck Tourbillon watch was launched by Ulysse Nardin back in 2016 but has been given a nautical update this year as the Swiss watchmaker unveiled its Marine Mega Yacht model. Crafted in platinum, in a special edition of just 30 pieces, the watch is regulated by a flying tourbillon complete with a cage modeled on a ship’s propeller. There’s a precise representation of the moon and its phases too, as well as a tide indicator and an anchor that raises and falls to indicate the power reserve.

2. Sunglasses for Women by Dita 

The Interweaver is new for Dita’s 2019 collection and features an all-titanium ‘cat-eye reader’ style in gold and silver colorways. Banner image: Getty Images

No vacation, be it on land or on the waves, is complete without a new pair of style-setting sunglasses. Dita was founded in 1995 in Los Angeles and today offers design-led frames in materials such as gold-plated titanium and acetate. Recently introduced models for women include the square Metamat, with gold half-frame, and the retro-futuristic, kitten-ish Interweaven. Dita sunglasses are often limited-edition, and making just one pair can include more than 300 separate production steps.

3. Shoes by Loro Piana 

The ultimate modern deck shoe, the Nuages plimsoll by Loro Piana has a wedge heel and grippy rubber sole, and undoubtedly looks the part.

Originally referred to as a sand shoe, today it’s known as the pump, sneaker, or plimsoll, and is a summer wardrobe essential, particularly on board where surfaces may be slippery. The Nuages sneaker, from Italian brand Loro Piana, is made in Italy from dyed butter-soft calf leather and finished with contrasting nappa leather trim. The shoe works as well on dry land as onboard, and can be teamed with more formal trousers when the sun goes down.

4. Sunglasses for Men by Kirk Originals 

Kirk Originals Kirven sunglasses
The distinctly retro aesthetic of Kirk Originals Kirven sunglasses could add the finishing touch to your next vacation outfit.

For sartorially savvy gents, British heritage brand Kirk Originals is about to launch an expanded collection of its Made in England styles, offering new shapes and a wider color palette. Among the new designs, all handmade in England, are pairs that reference 1970s style and Ivy League colors. Models include the Jones, a Madmen-esque model with gradiated frame and metal nose bridge, and the round Kirven.

5. Waterproof Camera by Sony 

Sony RX02 dustproof camera
Packing cutting-edge technology into a tiny and hard-wearing format, Sony’s RX02 camera is shockproof, dustproof, crush-proof, and, possibly most importantly for a yachting vacation, waterproof down to 10m (33 ft).

A water-based vacation will see you visiting exciting Instagrammable destinations. But don’t limit your memories to what takes place out of the water. A waterproof camera allows you to capture not just fun moments splashing around, but native wildlife, especially when snorkeling. Sony’s new RX0 is super compact and features a 1-inch sensor and, in trials, produced significantly sharper and richer images than its competitors. The 15.3MP camera also features a touchscreen LCD display and full HD video.

6. Sunhat by Eugenia Kim 

The Eugenia Kim Bunny Sand sunhat comes with a colorful pull-through satin scarf, is adjustable, and can be packed down easily into a case without damage.

“Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun,” as the classic Noël Coward song puts it. You don’t need to hide from the strongest rays of the day but you do need to protect your skin, and the easiest way to do so is with a wide-brimmed hat. A woven hat, like this from Eugenia Kim, will also protect your hair and shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Kim’s hats come in a variety of sizes and styles (one even has Daydreams embroidered across it) and some have complementing bags.

7. Eco-compatible sunscreen by Aethic 

Aethic sunscreen
Aethic products are better for both the environment and your skin, and are created using ingredients that do not damage the sensitive cells of skin, nor pose any threat to delicate marine life such as living coral.

Time on board means time in the sun. And safe tanning begins with the right protection. Aethic products have been developed to “be compatible with and rejuvenate” skin, provide broad-spectrum protection from UV rays, and are photostable, remaining fully functional longer than other creams. They are also gentler on the environment—founder Allard Marx worked with leading marine scientist to develop his formulas, ensuring that they contained ingredients that did not degrade into the seas and oceans. “Many sunscreens protect inadequately, or leave people looking ghostly, and seriously damage marine life, coral in particular,” says Marx. “Aethic Sôvée has three sun filters, three moisturizers, and Vitamin E. It’s also the only product to have substantiated its coral-safe claims scientifically and has the world’s only patented eco-compatible formula to prove it.”

8. Speaker by Devialet 

Devialet Phantom Premier speakers
Available in white with four inlaid colorways, the Gold Phantom by Devialet is another class of portable speaker.

When cocktail hour does come around, you’ll need a suitably laidback soundtrack—and something to stream it on. The Gold Phantom from Devialet has 4,500 watts, allowing it to reach a mighty 108dB without distortion. The powerful wireless speaker, the result of 10 years of research and development, weighs in at under 12kg and produces ultra-dense sound with impressive clarity and plays music via WiFi or Bluetooth.

9. Luggage by Briggs & Riley 

Briggs & Riley Sympatico luggage
In stylish matte navy, the Sympatico Navy suitcase by Briggs & Riley allows for 25 percent extra packing space with its innovative compression technology.

Available in very limited quantities, Briggs & Riley’s matte navy colorway is the newest addition to the brand’s Sympatico collection—a smart set of suitcases featuring CXTMExpansion-Compression technology, allowing up to 25 percent more packing space. Perfect for those who plan on doing some shopping, these nifty cases can expand or compress. The Sympatico Navy collection comprises four sizes: International and Domestic Carry-On, Medium, and Large. What’s more, there’s a section with coat hanger to hang and fold suits or dresses—keeping your best outfits wrinkle-free.