“Nature & Architecture: A Beautiful Synthesis”

Sustainability and Ecological Stewardship Explored in On-Line Conversation

Hosted by Christie’s International Real Estate: Luxury Defined Live

How do people want to live in the future?

This was the question posed by Germany’s most influential eco-builder to Switzerland’s most decorated designer, also a visionary architect. This simple thought helped inform the first installment of Luxury Defined Live, the latest innovation from Christie’s International Real Estate, an interactive discussion with global influencers and real estate experts revealing emerging trends of the luxury space in real time.

Nature and architecture emerged as a logical pairing, the result being…

On second thought, let’s allow this tale to fully unfold.

The definition of luxury is increasingly a fluid concept, quickly adapting to prevailing global realities, evolving lifestyle choices and emerging design trends. This rapidly changing flow of insights and principles inspired Luxury Defined Live, a Webinar series debuting on March 26 and an off-shoot of this award-winning blog platform you have enjoyed reading since 2015. Curated by the global leader in high-value real estate, Christie’s International Real Estate, the Luxury Defined Live series kicks off with “Nature & Architecture: A Beautiful Synthesis.”

It is our pleasure to introduce the esteemed panelists of our first Luxury Defined Live Webinar.

Kevin McCloud is a champion of sustainable development and ecological construction, striving to improve the built environment for the betterment of the planet as well as people occupying the buildings. Mr. McCloud, a TV presenter and designer, has hosted the popular Grand Designs U.K. television series since its debut in 1999. Over 200 episodes later, he continues to follow enterprising individuals each week trying to realize their vision for their dream home.

Alfredo Häberli is founder and principal of Zurich-based Alfredo Häberli Design Development and recognized worldwide for his range of decorative artwork – everything from custom furnishings to interior design to high-end glassware – working for corporations such as BMW and the world’s leading home decorating design studios. He unites tradition with innovation, plus joy and energy in his designs. He attributes the joy and energy to his early childhood in Argentina.

Robert Lumme is both an architect and building biologist. What is a building biologist? Mr. Lumme describes his field as the science of healthy buildings and creating living environments avoiding toxic substances, typically found in paints, adhesives and building materials in general. He also assists his firm’s clients in designing luxury pre-fab homes, which may sound like an oxymoronic concept but is actually innovative and brilliant.

Mr. Lumme works for Baufritz, the company referenced above and specializing in ecological housing for more than 120 years. The firm has been awarded numerous ecological patents, including one, as an example, for insulation that uses wood shavings instead of fiber glass. Great-great granddaughter of the company’s founder and current CEO of Baufritz, Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, is the person who directly posed the question, “How do people want to live in the future?” to Mr. Häberli.

Mr. Häberli’s response was Haussicht House in Erkheim, Germany, a beautiful contemporary pre-fab building celebrating a healthy environment, a coveted setting, lovely wooden architecture, sustainability and enviable interior design. Inspired by ship building, the bowlike roof constructions run in waves and curves, organic shapes seen in nature.

Our panelists will discuss this and other sustainability trends in residential real estate, driven by robust questions and insights from those in attendance.

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