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Home Edit Update: The Latest Trends in Interior Design

For advice on updating your home, take a look at these trends, which include tufted textures, wallpaper murals, and tablescaping

“Tablescaping is a trend we first saw coming through in 2021, and it is going from strength to strength,” says Letitia Fitzgibbon, head of Harrods Interior Design. Several major brands have launched debut home collections: La DoubleJ, Prada, and Aquazzura have stunning home decor ranges that make this a very exciting time for tablescaping. Last year Harrods Interior Design launched a dedicated tablescaping service to keep up with the demand for this growing interiors trend.

Tablescaping and Texture

A bed featuring a designed headboard, lots of pillows, and bedside table with gold legs
Harrods Interior Design offers an end-to-end interior design service. The team works with clients to create bespoke designs according to lifestyle, taste, and requirements.

Along a similar theme, bedscaping is also gathering momentum. “I recommend using bed linens that are over 600 thread count. A key color I’m seeing come through for bedrooms is lavender, which is really relaxing,” she says. Tufted textures are also having a moment. “Aside from the obvious hand-tufted rugs, which have been big for a while, tufted cushions, linens, and even mirrors are on trend. I recently purchased De Le Cuona’s Rogue fringed cushions and love them!” says Fitzgibbon. Harrods Interior Design is a multidisciplinary practice of designers, architects, and stylists whose portfolio spans a broad range of properties and five-star hotels both in the U.K. and overseas.

Gergei Erdei’s Herculaneum Collection

A tablescape using items created by designer Gergei Erdei
Designer Gergei Erdei set up his studio to focus on handcrafted home decor and bespoke design services. He creates vases and bowls inspired by neoclassical shapes, and hand-illustrated linens to bring rustic charm to your table. Credit: Panna Donka

Inspired by “the 1970s Florida jet-set lifestyle and the evocative world of the Italian Riviera,” Gergei Erdei’s Herculaneum collection includes hand-painted dinner plates, crystal glassware, and tablecloths. The London-based designer says he created the set with exuberant dinner parties in mind. “I wanted something uplifting, evocative, and colorful… I love how the sketch-style prints of the place mats create an artistic background with the crystal glasses and the terracotta plates.”

Elyse Graham’s MetaMaterial

Wooden sideboard in front of a unique patterned wallpaper by Elyse Graham
MetaMaterial is a raw composite resin developed to create unexpected patterns beyond the confines of a mold. Each cast piece is unique. The material is cast, cut, carved, sanded, and constructed before being polished to a satin finish.

If you’re aware of the work of Elyse Graham you’ll know that she loves layering color, be it on homewares such as vases, lamps, and mirrors, furniture, or geode-inspired sculptures. For many of her pieces she creates layered resin designs called MetaMaterial. Graham’s latest venture reimagines her color-mix surfaces as wallpaper, in collaboration with Wallpaper Projects.

Five wallpaper murals are available, each created by scaling up a section of a previous MetaMaterial design and customizable in size, scale, color, and finish. “It is thrilling to see how the Wallpaper Projects team was able to take our intricately detailed resin fragments and scale them to create a non-repeating wall mural,” says the designer. “As I look at the resin enlarged, I am drawn further into patterns and colors I hadn’t noticed before.” /

Travel-Inspired Wallpaper by Mini Moderns

Pale wooden dining furniture set against a wallpapered wall featuring different trees in shades of green
The wallpaper pictured above, Catskills-Douglas Fir, captures the atmosphere of a trip to Willow in upstate New York. Native tree species are featured in the print including red pine, eastern hemlock, yellow birch, and quaking aspen.

Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire, the brains behind homeware brand Mini Moderns, are seasoned globetrotters. “Whether we’re traveling for leisure or research purposes, we’re always seeking inspiration for wallpaper designs,” they say. Having visited New York City many times, the duo wanted to discover more of the state and went on a road trip.

The result is Travelogue, a collection they are unveiling in stages. The first release includes Catskills, which “captures the atmosphere of the trip, staying in a little cabin,” and Hey! Manhattan, “an unapologetic paean to our favorite city.”

Loomiosa’s Lighting Designs

Two hanging lights in pale red set against a dark gray background
Founded in 2016 by designer Daniel Mato, Loomiosa designs and makes premium light fixtures with distinctive, organic shapes to enhance any interior. There are seven collections available online, including Leaf, pictured above.

Daniel Mato likes to take things slowly. Although he founded the Loomiosa studio in 2016, he spent two years developing and refining his designs before introducing them to the world in 2018. Loomiosa’s collection today includes pendants such as the Space light, inspired by “the creating power of our universe,” and the curvy Diva, designed to resemble “a stylish and elegant lady who draws attention with her presence and stands out from the crowd.”

For his Leaf light Mato was inspired by the palm trees he saw while traveling in Asia. Suited to rooms with high ceilings thanks to its elongated form, like all of Loomiosa’s products, Leaf is available in a range of colors and with clear or black cables.

Refractory’s Furniture, Lighting and Candle Holders

An unusual set of three tea light candle holders in white, dark and light brown
Based in Chicago, Refractory is a design studio and community of artisans, which layers traditional methods with modern tools, and seeks to create in the space where art meets collectible design.

Founded by Texan Angie West and Alberto Vélez from Bogotá, Refractory produces furniture, lighting, and objects that bring together design skills and local handcrafting. Highlights from the studio’s debut collection include the Tributary glass table, the dramatic Isthmus chandelier, and these cast-bronze Sloop candle holders. Available in three iterations, two horizontal and a vertical, they can accommodate four, five, or seven tealights.