Euclid tile by Alison Rose
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Interior Design Update: Sculptural Homewares for Modernists

Beautifully crafted and cleverly designed, these sculptural homewares are the perfect items to update your home interiors

Interior design trends come and go, but iconic styles never go out of fashion. That’s the case with the latest interior design update from the Luxury Defined editors—a collection of beautifully designed homewares that includes the reproduction of a classic piece of lighting design, a collection of tiles that references the Bauhaus movement, and a new take on the gallery wall.

1. Artichoke Light 

Based on Poul Henningsen's original PH Artichoke design for the Langeline Pavilion restaurant in Copenhagen, Louis Poulsen's update makes a striking impression. Banner image: Euclid tiles by Alison Rose

The original Artichoke lights were designed by Poul Henningsen for the Langeline Pavilion restaurant in Copenhagen. They are still hanging there today. To mark 125 since Henningen’s birth, Louis Poulsen has released a new version of the PH Artichoke, in copper and rose, the finish of those original lamps. Henningsen’s iconic design consists of a structure of 12 steel arches on which 72 leaves are placed in six overlapping rows. The design means you can admire the complexity of the shade without being able to see the source. A mini version of the light, in brass, is also available.

2. Euclid Tiles 

The striking pattern of Alison Rose's Euclid Tiles reference the Bauhaus design movement.

Launched to celebrate the centennial year of the Bauhaus movement—with its love of juxtaposing geometric patterns—Alison Rose’s striking Euclid tiles are, aptly, named after the father of geometry. The tiles are made from a variety of classic stones from the quarries of Europe, including white Carrara, vanilla onyx, and verde aurora, and can be customized in both colorway and geometric composition. “This collection was inspired by studying historic tapestries under a microscope, interpreting the sequence of fibers into a geometric format,” says Rose, who created the tiles for Artistic Tile. “The Euclid collection is basically my alphabet—set units designed to work together in an infinite number of ways to tell your story.”

3. Ochre Mirrors 

For a unique alternative to a gallery wall, add a couple of sets of convex mirrors from Gesso—the sets come with a small, medium, and a large frame.

They say good things come in threes. A case in point are these convex mirrors from homeware company Ochre. In gesso and burnished bole frames, the mirrors offer you a fish-eye view of your home and the set of three includes a small, medium and large mirror. The mirrors are also available to buy separately in sizes from 12 inches (30 cm) to 41 inches (105 cm) diameter for you to group as you wish. The modular Eternal Dreamer sofa and Arctic Pear chandelier are also by Ochre.

4. Totem Furniture 

Kate Casey's Totem collection for Peg Woodworking is ideal for stacking books or displaying plants—they can also be laid on their side and used as a console.

“I love the figure-like forms of [Romanian sculptor] Brâncuși and was heavily influenced by his scale and experimental use of negative space,” says Peg Woodworking’s Kate Casey of her Totems collection. As their name suggests, Casey’s Totems are part sculpture, part one-off piece of furniture. Each Totem is a unique coopered stack that can be used to display favorite objects, or simply left bare as an artful ornament. There is a Totem Coffee Table, too—the totem in this case laid on its side—in bleached and ebonized ash with sliver wave marble top. “With the pieces, scale and orientation are infinitely rearrangeable, allowing them to interact with each other and their surroundings,” says the Brooklyn-based woodworker and designer. 

5. Porter Tubs

Porter tubs are never a design afterthought. This freestanding collection combines marble and stone with deep, moody colors that really make an impact.

“Happiness is a hot bath on a Sunday afternoon,” said the poet A.D. Posey, who perhaps didn’t have a Porter tub in his home. If his bathroom was fitted with the Portman Marble Top Painted Bath, that quote may well have ended with bath. Porter creates tubs, sinks, and accessories that make a bathroom feel like checking into your favorite five-star hotel. The Portman Marble Top Painted Bath can be freestanding or built in and is available with a range of marble and limestone tops. Its surround is also available in six shades of white and gray or you can customize it to match your scheme, as shown here.