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Why it’s Time to Invest in Property as a Corporate Retreat

A way of rewarding employees, building stronger relationships and loyalty, and facilitating the sharing of experiences—corporate retreats are an integral aspect of good business practice

The venue is key to making a corporate retreat successful, and global enterprises invest heavily in both time and money to find luxurious properties that provide complete privacy, reflect their company’s values, and have the appropriate facilities. Certainly there are premises that tick these boxes, but no matter how impressive they are, none can compete with a corporate retreat that is owned by the company itself.

On the market with Christie's International Real Estate, Green Gables in California offers a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a company to acquire a property that will be a jewel in its crown,” says Zackary Wright, Executive Director, Western Regional Manager, Christie’s International Real Estate.

“A company-owned corporate retreat serves as an integral extension of the organization’s branding and strategy,” explains Sonja Cullaro, Executive Vice President, Christie’s International Real Estate, Northern New Jersey. “Not only does it provide the company with greater control over the experience itself, but it also reflects its ethos and culture in a way that no third-party venue could do. When companies invest in a corporate retreat, they can stamp their personal identity and core values on it.”

When companies invest in a corporate retreat, they can stamp their personal identity and core values on it—Sonja Cullaro

“Staying in a company-owned property delivers something intangible,” says Zackary Wright, Executive Director, Western and Asia Pacific Regions, Christie’s International Real Estate. “I liken it to meeting people at your home rather than in your office. You show them a more personal side.”

On the Market

Tropical Retreat Close to the Beach in Hawaii, United States

On the market with Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers, the exclusive affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate in Hawaii, the Stone Crusher Road estate is made up of two properties with a total of eight bedrooms, six full baths, and several generous communal spaces.

The idyllic Stone Crusher Road, Hawaii, on the market with Hawai’i Life Real Estate Brokers, the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate in Hawaii, is just one hour from Kona airport, and would make an ideal corporate retreat. Set in 11 acres (4.4 ha) of lush rainforest and within easy reach of the charming towns of Hawi and Kapaau, this eight-bedroom residence has generous outdoor and indoor spaces for networking events, a billiards room for team bonding, and several beautifully designed communal spaces across two separate properties.

Additional structures within the grounds at Stone Crusher Road estate, such a gazebo and a separate studio for yoga, dance, or for use as an office space, make this property ideal for corporate gatherings.

A Large Metropolitan Masterpiece in Florida, United States

The 15-suite Isolé Villa, Florida, has ample space for meetings, in addition to a spa, commercial kitchen, and a swimming pool in the grounds.

For those seeking a more metropolitan location there is Isolé Villa, Florida, on the market with Regal Real Estate, the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate in the region. Newly constructed, this 15-suite, 23-bath property is a masterpiece. In addition to a 19-seat movie theater—ideal for teleconferences and screening company videos—it has a commercial kitchen that can cater for large parties, and a formal dining room where executives can gather after the day’s work is done. In addition, there is a dedicated spa floor, where the stresses of high-powered meetings can be massaged away, not to mention 62 acres (25 ha) to explore.

Isolé Villa in Florida also has a commercial-grade kitchen and a large dining area in which to hold breakfast meetings.

A Grand Historic Mansion in New Jersey, United States

“When George Crocker, the original owner of Darlington, built this majestic estate, he wanted an escape from the rushed and crowded life of New York City,” says Sonja Cullaro, Executive Vice President, Christie’s International Real Estate, Northern New Jersey. "And now, more than a century later, that is still what it provides, in addition to a full suite of luxurious and modern amenities."

Organizations favoring historic properties close to major cities might want to consider the incomparable 21-bedroom Darlington, New Jersey, which is on the market with Christie’s International Real Estate, Northern New Jersey and only 25 miles (40 km) from Manhattan. It is, says Cullaro, “an architectural masterpiece that is on the National Register of Historic Places.” Darlington has exceptional modern amenities—among them a professional kitchen that can serve up to 250 people, an eight-car garage, a great hall with a 30-foot (9 m) ceiling and treasured Aeolian player pipe organ, a library, a fine dining room, and smart appliances.

Staying in a company-owned property delivers something intangible—Zackary Wright

On the market with Christie’s International Real Estate, Northern New Jersey, Darlington would be an ideal property to purchase for use as a corporate retreat.

It’s also set in 12.5 acres (5 ha) of lush landscape, framed by the Ramapo Mountains,” says Cullaro. “So the opportunities for recreation are endless. People often go for a run to clear their heads before or after their meetings, and in the evening, they’ll unwind with a game of tennis on the professional court, a swim, a bike ride, or a massage in the luxury spa.

A Rural Retreat with Expansive Grounds in New York, United States

As one of hunt country’s finest land parcels, Old Chatham Sheepherders' Estate is often a fixture for the Old Chatham Hunt Club’s foxhunting and beagling.

The grand 207-acre (83 ha) Sheepherders’ Estate in Old Chatham, New York, would also make a fantastic retreat. On the market with LandVest, Inc., the exclusive affiliate of Chrisite’s International Real Estate in the region, this late 18th-century historic property with Shaker barns and other accessory buildings can be used as is, or can be developed further into an education center.

Old Chatham Sheepherders' Estate offers a tennis court, an artist’s studio, and a 1,000-bottle wine cellar.

One of the barns has a state-of-the-art audio-visual system for conferences, while another is an art studio that is perfect for team-building activities. There are plenty of opportunities for delegates to relax in the beautiful gardens, or to enjoy a range of sports including trout fishing in the Kinderhook River, tennis, and swimming. The estate can be bought in its entirety, or as separate parcels.

A Silicon Valley Icon in California, United States

One of the most remarkable aspects of Green Gables is its expansive grounds, which are a mix of formal gardens and natural woodland filled with native California shrubs and flowers. Giant redwoods, blue spruce, Monterey pines, and eucalyptus are just some of the many ancient trees that exist on and around the property.

“Location is obviously a major consideration when looking for a corporate retreat,” says Wright, “and one of the many reasons why Green Gables is such a find is that it provides 74 acres (30 ha) of complete seclusion and privacy, while still being just 20 minutes from San Francisco airport, and 15 minutes from Silicon Valley and Stanford University.”

The expansive grounds at the Green Gables property in California offer areas for employees to relax after meetings. Offering total privacy and natural beauty, it is only 20 minutes from San Francisco International Airport.

Located in Woodside, California, Green Gables, on the market with Christie’s International Real Estate, is already hosting corporate retreats. “A major Silicon Valley company has held events at Green Gables, and I do see its future as a permanent corporate retreat for a similar global enterprise,” says Wright.

The grounds at Green Gables in California are large enough to accommodate tents for evening events. In 1965, the United Nations selected Green Gables as the site for its 20th anniversary commemoration gala.

The 32-bedroom estate has long been a place where great events have been held. It has welcomed European royalty, senators, governors, congressmen and women, business leaders, and creative luminaries throughout its 109-year history, and seems likely to continue in the same vein. “It’s a superb venue for business but of equal importance are its recreational facilities, which include bike, hiking, and riding trails, swimming pools, absolutely beautiful gardens, terraces, and a tennis court. I think when a company invites its clients and staff here, they will feel pride by association,” adds Wright.

The grounds at the Green Gables property in California include beautiful lawns, a lake, a vegetable garden, and much more.

“In addition to the experiential benefits of collaboration and team building” says Wright, “a corporate retreat can be a wise investment in an appreciating asset that will become an enduring corporate legacy.”

Banner image: Darlington, New Jersey.