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Looking for Bespoke Watch and Jewelry Boxes, or Safes? Then Cry Wolf

Simon Wolf loves watches and, since 1834, his family has created beautiful safes, boxes, and cases in which to keep them

Finding one’s path can sometimes be attributed to luck. Simon Philip Wolf was wondering what his next step might be when, thanks to his father, he joined Wolf, purveyors of fine jewelry cases, watch boxes, and safes to house the most precious of objects.

Wolf, now managing director and head of design, is the fifth generation to immerse himself in the family firm. “I was 19, kicking my heels with no intention of going down the family route when I heeded my father’s suggestion to try it out. I began in the factory and found the work there intriguing. I was bitten…”

A portrait of Simon Philip Wolf, head of Wolf manufacturers of bespoke watch boxes and winders
Wolf has conquered the highly specialized market of watch winders and watch cases. “Our aim is to produce a product that is both beautiful and effective,” says managing director Simon Philip Wolf.

The Wolf heritage dates back to 1834, when Philip Wolf set up the company in Hanau, Germany. A silversmith by trade, he discovered that if he “presented his pieces in beautiful boxes” they sold more easily. Today, Wolf is a global business with headquarters in England and offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

“My father traveled from Sweden to Bristol in the U.K., where he set up a factory,” Wolf recalls. It was there that he began his own immersion in the business. “Under my father’s tutelage I learned the process of manufacture, starting with the procurement of raw materials—leathers, hinges, quality control, cutting, and production preparation through to making. A box can have up to 500 parts.”

Today, Wolf makes all manner of jewelry and watch boxes, cases, trays, and rolls—each piece as much a thing of beauty as the cherished cargo it protects. Designs range from classic to contemporary, with hundreds of variations to choose from. “They are beautiful, luxury products, handmade by artisans. Our legacy and our responsibility is to protect the legacies of others,” Wolf says.

A light pink leather jewelry box with different teirs
Each of Wolf’s premium jewelry cases, such as this one from the Caroline Collection in Rose Quartz, is handcrafted in the finest materials.

Since its earliest days, the company has strived to be sustainable and environmentally progressive in its work, a practice Wolf continues passionately today. The Wolf team uses only pencils in the factory, and recycles everything it can, right down to the packing paper. Presently it works mainly with leather, but is aiming to find an alternative. “It has to be the future,” Wolf says.

For security, the company’s renowned safes are a superb fusion of aesthetic and functionality. Wolf offers the bespoke Atlas collection, where a customer can configure the interior, rows and drawers, and color; or a completely made-to-order Churchill safe, where one can match personal tastes by choosing the leather, stitching, and hardware. But it’s the watch winder inside that makes a Wolf safe incomparable.

“A watch has a beating heart inside of it,” Wolf says. “The movement of one’s wrist moves a metal disc inside; this rotor applies pressure to the mainspring and that is where the store of energy comes from to keep the watch running. When not being worn the mainspring loses its energy and the watch will stop. A Wolf winder mimics a day in the life of a watch. It’s a precision handmade instrument we have patented, the only winder in the world that counts rotations.”

A model poses with a large green double winder watch box
Time is precious: Wolf’s double winder watch box—as well as its watch safes—come with an app, which allows owners to set the winder to control each of their timepieces separately.

There is an App, too, that connects to a Wolf safe or cabinet. “This allows for one-touch control. Owners can set the winder to control each of their watches separately when they want to.” It is genius and, for Wolf, a necessity. How many watches does he have? “Forty, with my eye on a Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris next.”

Banner image: Wolf’s Roadster Collection watch box