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Luxury on Demand: 3 In-Home Services Coming Directly to You

Top fashion, interior design, and concierge services will now come straight to your home—here’s what you can expect

What defines luxury? According to Euromonitor International’s 2020 lifestyle survey, when it comes to service, two important factors elevate the experience. The first is personalization—25 percent of those surveyed said they would look elsewhere if this was lacking in their in-home services. The second: direct communication with a human being, with 69 percent of respondents preferring one-to-one contact.

But how have companies that rely on a personal touch managed, when the pandemic has put distance between them and their clients? By taking on-demand exclusivity straight to their customers’ homes. Here are three high-end offerings—from fashion to interior design and bespoke concierge services—doing just that.

Enjoy a Fitting Room Experience at Home

“ hopes to bridge the gap between the in-store luxury retail experience and the online one,” says Sojin Lee, founder of the bespoke fashion service. “While nothing can replicate visiting a fashion house and planning a wardrobe with a personal shopper, we aim to bring as much of that VIP experience as we possibly can to our customers with our range of in-home services.”

A courier hands over garment bags as part of in-home fashion services is the brainchild of fashion tech entrepreneur Sojin Lee—one of the first employees of Net-A-Porter—and delivers a high-fashion shopping experience right to your doorstep.

Currently available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and travel zones 1–3 in London, Toshi allows you to shop from some of the leading design labels in the world, including Erdem and Chanel, on a try-before-you-buy basis. Highly skilled staff—most of whom have a background in fashion—will then deliver clothing purchases at a time that suits you.

You can order the same item in different colors and sizes, and even request a fitting service. Toshi’s personal assistant will wait for you to try everything on, pin clothes accordingly and arrange to have them tailored, and then return unwanted items to the store.

“We’re taking e-commerce to the next level by employing professionals to elevate the customer experience,” says Lee. “And we’ve retained the personal touch that makes high-end retail such an enjoyable experience. It’s also important to mention that we’re doing it in a sustainable way—our staff most often use public transport. That’s critical to our business model.”

Gain Access to Exclusive Concierge Services

Knightsbridge Circle is an invitation-only members club specializing in travel and lifestyle management. Since the pandemic, founder Stuart McNeill has seen an increased number of enquiries from people wishing to be considered for membership.

A private jet on a runway with mountains in the background
With the highest staff-to-member ratio in the world, Knightsbridge Circle facilitates the truly extraordinary—from flying clients (and their family cat) to a safe and secluded spot during the pandemic to setting up a virtual recording studio. Image: VistaJet

“Pre-pandemic, many of our clients were traveling six months of the year, dining out several times a week, and filling their diaries with red-carpet events. COVID-19 paused all those activities, and shifting rules and regulations have created a landscape that can be difficult to navigate. So, people have turned to concierge services such as ours for support in adapting to this new way of life.”

Members are assigned a personal manager who looks after no more than four other people. Such a high staff-to-client ratio means they can give members that most precious commodity—time. And while McNeill explains that the pandemic has created an “enormous demand for our medical concierge service, which gives access to 24-hour general practitioner consultations, medical treatments, and diagnostics,” he adds that requests for bespoke lifestyle solutions have also seen an uptick.

“In cases where our members have wanted to relocate to more secluded areas, we’ve used airbridge opportunities to help move them, their families, and their businesses,” he says. “Our services have also provided in-home experiences, such as arranging for one client to record an album via Zoom—the final take is going to be recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London—and for another to do a gemmology course. We’ve also arranged for a gym to be built, and even a micro-brewery.”

Redesign Your Interiors, Virtually

With lockdown restrictions making an in-home visit from interior designer services difficult, if not outright impossible, top designer Benji Lewis chose to start his own initiative. Zoom That Room is a highly customized online design advisory service, and caters to clients ranging from château-owners to townhouse-owners, as well as to large-scale projects in Melbourne, L.A., and Massachusetts.

A sunlit room with neutral accents designed by Benji Lewis
Designer Benji Lewis offers an online interior design service that aims to ensure “clients love their home once the design is completed, and love it even more in the years that follow.”

“Before the pandemic, my entire business model relied on meeting clients, going into their home, visiting retailers and bespoke craftsmen, and managing every last detail of their design,” Lewis explains. “COVID-19 presented me with two choices: find a new way of working, or stop.”

Lewis chose the former and in April 2020, he set up Zoom That Room. The process begins with an informal video call to understand what clients truly want from their homes and to put them at ease. “Often customers might ask for advice on paint color, or furniture layout. They might say, ‘I’ve never liked this room, but I don’t know why.’ I’ll gently ask, ‘How do you feel when you come into this space?’ and I’ll realize they don’t find it welcoming, or agreeable, and I’ll work from there.”

Lewis’s engaging manner and expertise quickly evaporates any anxiety homeowners might feel about a remote redesign. “I still work very closely with my clients. I’ll send them swatches and samples, and we’ll arrange calls at different times of the day so that I can see how the colors and fabrics look in different light.” He’s delighted with how successful it’s been—both for him and his customers. “It’s given me a new lease of life. I’ve learned new skills, I offer a wider range of services, and I’ve reached a much broader range of people.”

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