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Meet Brian Meier — the Latest Top Agent to Join the Christie’s International Real Estate New York Brokerage

Mr. Meier discusses New York’s current buyer’s market, how his career as a chef informed his real estate success, his 12-member Meier Estates and Ventures Team he runs with his wife Kate, and why he joined Christie’s International Real Estate

Brian Meier has been a top producer in New York City for 20 years. His footprint in the industry is significant and impressive, with sales results earning his team a spot on Real Trends top 250 Real Estate Teams for several years running. Mr. Meier puts a premium on impeccable client service by amassing a team of 12 to serve his customers. Client care is the reason Mr. Meier joined Christie’s International Real Estate. He is also a former top chef.

What is the current state of New York City’s luxury market?

The luxury market is a prime opportunity for buyers right now with prices down as much as 20–30%, and in some cases more.

A major factor is that international buyers are not transacting at the levels they have in the past. The major factors are difficulty getting currency out of countries like India, China, and Russia and the strength of the U.S. dollar. Prices have dropped significantly in London and in Australia, so buyers are being drawn to those areas where the exchange rate is more favorable.

The result is some of the best inventory I have ever seen in the city, be that townhouses, co-ops, or condos. Real estate in New York presents a unique value proposition for buyers and investors right now. A key driver in the market is that emerging businesses still want to be located in New York—be those in art, entertainment, banking, and tech—so New York is still a top international destination for business.

Brian's 12-member Meier Estates and Ventures Team is run with his wife, Kate Meier.

What do you think 2020 has in store?

I think we are in the midst of a rebound but there will be ups and downs through it. Similar to the last downturn, it will be slow and drawn out. I envision three months of an up market and three months of a down market with different sectors reacting differently. There will be a period of time where homes in the $1 million to $3 million range are selling fast and prices will come up, while homes priced at $5 million plus will sit longer. And while this is happening, the market overall will show gains with an increased number of transactions.

You are a classically trained chef

Yes. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. I worked in Europe and then at multiple three-star restaurants in Colorado and Manhattan, including the iconic Café des Artistes.

Cooking and real estate don’t seem like a natural career match

You would be surprised. Restaurants and real estate both work in real time to provide exceptional service. I love that immediacy. It can get hot in the kitchen and I learned the ability to stay calm and rise above the fray and to keep focused on the objective: Excellent customer service and a positive outcome.

Serving a perfect meal is a skill. I never forget that when selling a home. Yes, while the price points are certainly different, it is all about expertise, hard work, execution, communication, impeccable presentation, and recognizing that the client comes first.

Tell us about your name change to Meier Estates and Ventures and the benefits of having a 12-person team. Does everyone have a specialty?

While we still are known as the Meier Team, our Meier Estates and Ventures is in recognition of our entire team, each of whom is integral to the success we have achieved, while also acknowledging the full breadth of services we offer our clients. We have been together for nearly a decade and are one of New York’s most recognized and accomplished teams specializing in luxury co-ops and condos, single-family and multi-family townhouses, new developments, and conversions throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Glimpse into the Upper West Side townhouse represented by the Meier Estates & Ventures team.

You have been a successful broker in New York City for two decades. What compelled you to join Christie’s International Real Estate?

Christie’s International Real Estate has distinguished itself through global recognition and a reputation of ingenuity, supported by an iconic brand. Our collaboration will thrive on a shared mission to focus on relationships and strong customer engagement, which we believe translates into stronger portfolio performance for those clients. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, clients value the strength of an established brand when choosing whom to entrust to manage their most prized assets.

Our extensive experience in the industry as a trusted resource coupled with the global reach of Christie’s auction house business and the Christie’s International Real Estate network and marketing platform will ensure that our properties and developments will be in front of the broadest universe of possible buyers. This unparalleled exposure is simply unattainable to any other brokerage.

The Christie’s culture aligns perfectly with the significant properties and developments that we represent. As part of Christie’s International Real Estate, we are proud to continue serving our clients with the innovative passion, reach, and results for which we are known.

Brian Meier has been a top producer in New York City for 20 years.