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Turn Bright: Colorful Design Pieces to Transform Your Home

Whether bold or whimsical, this season’s interior design trend is all about homeware pieces that pop—and bring a burst of joy along with them

When it comes to your interiors, minimalism has its place, but nothing says summer quite like a generous mix of splashy hues. So, invite the warm weather in with our curated selection of bright homeware and furnishings—proof that you can go big (on colorful design) and go home.

Tangerine Dream

A modular Camaleonda sofa design in colorful orange
Contemporary classic: This modern take on the Camaleonda sofa preserves the innovative system of cables, hooks, and rings created by its designer Mario Bellini in 1970, allowing it to adapt to evolving taste and needs.

Loved by design aficionados and interior decorators, the Camaleonda sofa recently celebrated its 50th birthday. A vintage model sold at Christie’s for $12,500 last summer, but you can now buy a brand-new version, as B&B Italia has relaunched Mario Bellini’s modular classic. The original seat remains, but the padding has been updated, making it even more comfortable.

Colorful Past

A colorful yellow and pink floral floor in front of a bathtub
Inspired by fabric samples taken from the Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth archives, For the Floor and More created a collection that “tells a story and is steeped in history.”

Teacher, maker, and social activist, Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth (1886–1967) amassed a vast collection of samples of printed fabric, pieces of lace, embroidery, costumes, tools, and objects that demonstrated design excellence. Now the custodian of her archive, the National Trust, has teamed up with For the Floor & More to create the Gawthorpe textiles collection, which takes some of her historical patterns and turns them into bright and bold floor tiles.

Woven Wonders

Ditto House’s Woven Collaboration collection includes wall tapestries, pillow covers, blankets, and rugs. All textiles are made by hand, most on backstrap looms, by skilled Guatemalan artisans.

Molly Fitzpatrick is the brains behind Ditto House in Cleveland, Ohio, which produces bold throws and cushion covers. She has teamed up with Guatemala’s Trama Textiles to launch the colorful, handcrafted Woven Collaboration. Ditto House donates 50 percent of the profits to Trama Textiles’ Almaya Fund, which provides members of its cooperative with access to health and welfare services, professional development, and education. “If all businesses operated with the care that the Trama team does, the world would be a beautiful place,” she says.

Keen as Mustard

A pink double locker in a bedroom
Mustard founders Becca and Jess Stern were inspired by their unique collection of antique lockers. Their bright designs are part of the sisters' mission to ensure you “love your locker” too.

Ideal for guest bedrooms, children’s rooms, or the home office, Mustard lockers are the brainchild of sisters Becca and Jess Stern. The company, inspired by Becca’s love of vintage furniture and a need for practical storage, launched with the Skinny locker—a colorful take on the design of the metal high-school staple, with a removable hanging rail, four adjustable shelves, two handy hooks, and wall attachment points.

The sisters have now debuted the Twinny, the “bigger sister” of the Skinny, also with four adjustable shelves as well as two removable hanging rails and available in Mustard’s signature color palette, which includes berry, olive, navy, and, of course, mustard.

Flight of Fancy

Pink wallpaper with a design of heron birds
Eclectic, contemporary, and romantic, Gucci’s heron print wallpaper is influenced by the house’s ready-to-wear collection and is crafted in Italy.

High fashion and home decor combine in Gucci’s range of eclectic wallpaper—featuring everything from the house’s signature tiger motif to nature-inspired themes, all in eye-popping hues, of course. “The idea is not to prescribe a particular decorative look, but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customized,” Gucci says of its colorful new-season designs. A wonderful reason to dress up your home.

Banner image: Handwoven blankets from the Woven Collaboration by Ditto House