Real Estate Agent
Alexandra combines an intimate knowledge of the Toronto real estate market with a commitment to providing her clients with the most positive home buying or selling experience possible. As a life-long resident of Toronto and daughter of two real estate agents with over 45 years of experience in the business, Alexandra thoroughly understands the real estate industry and the diverse communities this city has to offer. After graduating from the University of Toronto with an honours degree in Psychology, she integrated her profound interest in people and comprehensive knowledge of Toronto to assist others in finding their unique home solution.

Alexandra has a passion for forging enduring client relationships. Her unrivalled aptitude lies in understanding and addressing client needs – helping them find not only what they want, but discover exactly what they are looking for.

Her success is built upon a natural ability to relate to her clientele. Alexandra is energetic and innovative in her sales approach, with a fresh perspective on strategies that work in Toronto's competitive market. Her clients appreciate her genuine enthusiasm, prompt attention to their needs and most importantly, a commitment to their best interests.