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Nan and Company Properties has become the industry leader in servicing the luxury market as well as foreign national clientele. The technology-driven real estate company provides excellent customer service to clients buying, selling or leasing luxury properties while presenting sales associates with the support and technology to succeed. Nan and Company Properties agents have supreme market awareness that takes clients to the forefront of success through a seamless process.

Nan and Company Properties CEO and President Nancy Almodovar has been working in residential real estate for well over a decade. She saw a gap in the marketplace for a premier luxury real estate company. "I wanted to build a company that would be a one-stop shop for foreign nationals so that they felt comfortable and at ease, in a process they were unfamiliar with," says Almodovar.

By implementing that idea deep into the corporate structure and building a team that is knowledgeable in multiple facets of real estate and design, Nan and Company Properties has experienced a meteoric rise. Whether you are looking at commercial or residential, leasing, or buying, Nan and Company Properties has someone available to help.
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Einzugsbereich:Houston, Texas
2200 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1475
Houston, Texas, 77056 Vereinigte Staaten

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