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Sao Paulo, Βραζιλια  

Axpe is a real estate company reinvented and run by former advertising professionals who share a passion for architecture and design and a true devotion to aesthetics.
This means our portfolio is based on a different eye, discerning and highly selective. It includes only special properties. Properties that possess that extra something, which you won't find on every corner, much less with every realtor. And to help you find the perfect property for you, nothing surpasses someone who understands and shares your references and preferences, someone with an eye that matches yours. Such are our agents. You speak and they understand right away. And pay attention to even the smallest of details. A way of working as special as our properties and our clients.
Επιχειρηματική ειδικότητα:
Πρόστιμο Homes & Ακίνητα,
ιστορικά Ιδιότητες,
νέες Κατασκευές,
Οι ψυχαγωγικές Ιδιότητες,
Αγορά Resort - Ωκεανό και Shoreline,
Ιδιότητες Resort,
Ακίνητα διακοπές,
Properties Waterfront,
Ιδιότητες Beach
Περιοχή κάλυψης:San Paulo, Sao PauloSao Paulo, Sao Paulo
Avenida Nove de Julho, 5017, 10° Andar
Sao Paulo, Σαο Παολο, 01407-200 Βραζιλια

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