Amazing house with unique architecture project signed by Márcio Kogan
Fazenda Boa Vista, Indaiatuba, Σαο Παολο, Βραζιλια

Τιμή κατόπιν αιτήματος

Σχετικά Amazing house with unique architecture project signed by Márcio Kogan

Located in one of the most prestigious communities in Brazil, this contemporary home designed by Marcio Kogan is part of Villas do Lago, right near the Spa and Fasano Hotel. The fully equiped house is composed of 4 master bedrooms, living room, dining room, garden, home theater, restroom and pool with wooden deck just by the lake, everything wonderfully furnished. The open and bright spaces are located in two different floors which are surrounded by gardens. With over 3 million square meters of enclosed and preserved woodland, as well as beautiful lakes, woods and gardens, Fazenda Boa Vista is an exuberant setting that offers tranquility, comfort as well as many leisure options such as 2 Golf courses, horse facilities, Spa and more.


  • Πισίνα
  • Αποβάθρα
  • Κήποι
  • Αίθουσα πολυμέσων/δωμάτιο προβολής ταινιών
  • Εξωτερική κουζίνα
  • Δωμάτια προσωπικού
  • Ταράτσα/εξωτερικός χώρος
  • Κλιματισμός
  • Γκαράζ 4 αυτοκινήτων
  • Πισίνα (ες)
  • Θέα στη θάλασσα
  • Παραθαλάσσιο
  • Θυρωρός / Concierge
  • Γήπεδο γκολφ
  • Παιδική χαρά
  • Εστιατόριο / Snack Bar
  • Spa / πισίνα
  • Τένις
  • Περπατήστε / Στίβος / Bike Trails
  • Κοινότητα εξοχικού ομίλου
  • Κοινότητα γκολφ
  • Lakeside
  • Θέα σε βουνό
  • Σε Γήπεδο γκολφ
  • Προκυμαία
  • Clubhouse / Rec. Room
  • Golf
  • Horse Facilities
  • Tennis
Τιμή κατόπιν αιτήματος
3,401 Τετρ. πόδια
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