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Alba Biondi

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Città di copertura:Miami, Florida

Alba Biondi is a real estate agent specializing in Luxury Real estate in the Coconut Grove area of Miami, Florida. She has traveled extensively throughout the world including locations such as France, Italy, Venezuela, and the US, countries known for their natural beauty and unique home designs. These experiences have helped her to pinpoint specific aspects of a home that make it unique, an exclusive quality of realty. She speaks four languages, English, Spanish, French, and Italian, which has helped her accumulate a vast list of international clientele, helping to sell your home as quickly as possible. She also possesses strong negotiation skills which get clients the best deals in the most efficient way possible.  

If you are interested in listing or selling your property, please call Alba Biondi at 305-323-2595 or visit her website.  


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Alba Biondi

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