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Tennis, everyone? So it would seem. Tennis is a sport for all: pro and amateur, young and old, skilled and . . . otherwise. It’s a low-impact, non-contact, altogether rather civilized endeavor at that: As Scottish dramatist J.M. Barrie put it, “What an extraordinary polite game tennis is.” The ancient game has its origins in the French monasteries’ Jeu de paume in the Middle Ages; its name evolved from the French service cry “Tenez!” (i.e., “Take heed!”). As a racquet sport, “royal tennis” courts had slope-roofed “penthouses” for scoring points and seating spectators. Henry V was a big fan, as Shakespeare wrote, and the English codified the modern game, lawn tennis, in the 1870s.

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Looking for homes with a tennis court? Or would you like to find a resort or condominium complex with tennis facilities? Where better to play the original sport of kings than on a regulation court at a private estate or residential tennis resort. Here are some tips for finding the perfect tennis home. If you play professionally or intend to host tennis matches, make sure the court is regulation. The International Tennis Federation stipulates a regulation tennis court is 78 feet long by 36 feet wide. Exterior dimensions are 120 by 60 feet. Look for a court with your preferred materials. Surfaces can be grass, clay, carpet, and hardcourt and all have a different look and feel. Give it your own personal touch! Add floodlights, an umpire chair, and spectator-viewing pavilion, and it’s game, set, and match.

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