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英語 Vineyards-Bordeaux is an enthusiastic vineyard and winery investment advisory company specializing in the management of vineyard transactions. With its team located near Saint Emilion it is situated in the heart of the right bank of the Bordeaux appellation but its team covers all 57 Bordeaux appellations including the Medoc, Graves, Sauternes, Saint Emilion and Pomerol to name a few as well as some up and coming neighbouring appellations such as Bergerac, Pécharmant and Montravel.The professionals in the Vineyards-Bordeaux team are some of the most connected experts in the small wine family that Bordeaux is so famous for. Their role will often include strategic investment and acquisition planning, assembling, appointing and leading professional advisors such as lawyers, accountants and technical experts and managing the due diligence process. They will broker agreements from the initial letter of intent through to the negotiations surrounding company share acquisitions including guarantee and stock agreements. In addition, they contribute to post purchase business planning as well as installing appropriate vineyard management personnel and leadership. The Bordeaux vineyard market is relatively small with between 25 and 30 transactions taking place each year across all Bordeaux appellations and prices ranging from under 1 million Euros to several hundreds of millions for Bordeaux vineyards for sale. The team at Vineyards-Bordeaux, who are fluent in French and English, have consistently been vineyard market leaders overseeing between 30% and 40% of the Bordeaux Chateau vineyard transactions each year.
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Le Presbytère Gabiran (Near Saint Emilion)
ボルドー, Gironde, 33350 フランス

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