Real Estate Agent
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Frederick, Maryland
To be the best takes a lot of groundwork, persistence, tons of energy, deep commitment, and most of all, love of your work. Doug Gardiner has all of these attributes and then some. His enthusiasm and joy for life shine right through his contagious smile. The directness of speech and eye contact conclude that his knowledge and focus are what have made him a leader. The minute you meet Doug, you become his primary concern. "I really take care of my clients. I think of them and their needs every day. I am very focused on what my clients want for their lives and I do everything to help make those dreams happen for them. I dont give up," Doug states. "I love this business and I love this 4 county area of Maryland. It is a wonderfully diverse place to live with easy access to Washington DC and Baltimore. The people that desire the lifestyle here recognize how special it is. Since every home and every transaction is unique in this competitive marketplace, I believe it is very important to be a good istener and a sharp negotiator to be successful. You are always ON in real estate." He explains, "there is always something to check on, clients to clarify an idea with, financing information to pass along, contract negotiations, previewing and showing properties... which means that I have to be organized, composed and focused at all times. I treat people the way I like to be treated. The foundation of my business is built on professionalism, honesty and integrity." Finally, Doug believes that the equity in your property may be the most valuable asset you possess. The team you create; real estate, legal, accounting, and financial are most critical to develop a specific plan that will give you peace of mind. Make TEAM GARDINER your Real Estate choice. Call Doug now at 301-404-6494