Living in Porto Cervo: Things to Do and See in Porto Cervo, Olbia Tempio, Italy

Porto Cervo: The Heart of the Costa Smeralda

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Porto Cervo, Olbia Tempio, Italy

With less than 200 full-time residents, the charming seaside town of Porto Cervo is the main center of Sardinia's ruggedly picturesque Costa Smeralda, or Emerald Coast, and enjoys a reputation as glittering as the many yachts that frequent its magnificent marina.

What Is the Weather in Porto Cervo?

Porto Cervo enjoys a warm and temperate climate, with little rain in the summer months and average high-season temperatures of approximately 20–25 degrees Celsius or 70–75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where Is Porto Cervo located in Italy?

The renowned resort town is built around a deep natural harbor, whose shape resembles a deer (from which it takes its name) and dominates the headland. The center is built in a higher position than the port, with its famous square, shops, and boutiques, while restaurants, hotels, clubs, and villas climb from the surrounding hills. Porto Cervo forms part of the municipality of Arzachena in the province of Olbia-Tempio in northeastern Sardinia. The territory also includes the historical region of Gallura and La Maddalena, the largest island of the beautiful Maddalena archipelago—renowned for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and rocky granite terrain.

What is the History of Porto Cervo?

Porto Cervo began its rise to a favorite destination of the rich and famous in 1962 when Prince Karim Aga Khan IV enlisted top French and Italian architects—among them, Luigi Vietti, Michele Busiri Vici, and Jacques Couëlle— to create a Moorish-style architecture that maintained continuity with the typical style of the Gallura region and were perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. His buildings included a world-class golf facility, the Pervero Golf Club, and a superb yacht club.

What Is the Architecture in Porto Cervo?

At the center of Porto Cervo, the Promenade, Chiacchiere Square, and the Sottopiazza are among a collection of narrow streets, replete with multicolored windows and balconies so typical of Costa Smeralda’s architectural style.

What to Do and See in Porto Cervo?

The new Marina of Porto Cervo is one of the best equipped of the Mediterranean and has a capacity for 700 boats. Walking on the docks, one can admire the beautiful sailing boats and super-yachts owned by tycoons and celebrities.

How Many People Live in Porto Cervo?

Population: 421

What Languages Are Spoken in Porto Cervo?

Language: Italian, but English widely spoken

What is the Currency in Porto Cervo?

Currency: Euro

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