Monte Chico
Capilla Del Senor, 부에노스아이레스, B2812 아르헨티나

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부동산 소개 Monte Chico

Located only an hour from Buenos Aires, Monte Chico is a remarkable estate accessed by a long road surrounded by magnificent shade trees offering an environment of unparalleled views of the countryside and lagoon. The house is hidden amongst a very old forest of native species dominated by huge centennial Platanos . What the visitor sees when arriving at Monte Chico is a cozy and safe home in their native language, which seems as old as its trees but also featuring modern improvements in construction and materials.The Colonial-style main house has approximately 200 m2 featuring two en suite bedrooms, a living room, guest toilet, kitchen, pantry, laundry room , a gallery and a nice outdoor swimming pool. The state has a lake of 1 hectare and a horse paddock of approximately 1 hectare, surrounded by wooden fences.The size of the state is 140 hectares with 80 % agricultural capability.
가격 문의 요망
2,152 평방 피트
345.95 에이커
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