Living in Beverly Hills: Things to Do and See in Beverly Hills, California

The Luxury Capital of the World—Beverly Hills

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Beverly Hills, California

Celebrities might work in Hollywood, but they choose to live in Beverly Hills—and for good reason. Cradled by the city of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is the luxury capital of the world. Beverly Hills has been desirable real estate since the 1700s, when parched Spanish explorers coveted “El Rodeo de las Aguas”—or “The Gathering of the Waters”—as an oasis to slake their thirst. For the next two centuries, this region remained largely agricultural. But by the 1920s, Beverly Hills became a hub of high-end estates owned by famous celebrities, such as Douglas Fairbanks, Will Rogers, and Rudolf Valentino. Even today, world-renowned performers and iconic entertainment institutions, such as the William Morris Endeavor Agency and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, choose to call this trendy and historic location home. Beverly Hills, or the 90210, remains the “Home of the Stars.”

Where Is Beverly Hills located in California?

Snuggled between the mountains and the sea, Los Angeles is the Beverly Hills resident’s oyster —and Beverly Hills is the City of Angels’ pearl.

What to Do and See in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is a major cultural hub, with celebrated landmarks like the Beverly Wilshire and Beverly Hills Hotel and nearby prominent estates such as the Greystone Mansion and the Virginia Robinson Gardens. Beverly Hills is also home to fascinating museums including the Paley Center for Media—a cutting-edge archive of modern technology—and the nearby Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, which features rotating exhibitions of celebrated contemporary art. Spectacular events take place in the 90210 ranging from a weekly outdoor farmer’s market to the Golden Globes, held annually at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Yet another cultural jewel is on the horizon for development. The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts will soon be open to the public at its unique location in the historic Beverly Hills Post Office. Beverly Hills has something for everybody. Music lovers will adore the Cañon Summer Concert Series, featuring outdoor live performances of all genres in Cañon Gardens during July and August. Admirers of art will be enchanted by Beverly Hills’ abundance of art galleries. The Gagosian, Ace, Sundaram Tagore, and other stunning galleries are clustered together within walking distance from one another deep in the heart of Beverly Hills. Even dog lovers will be overjoyed by the local canine extravaganza, Woofstock.


Drive along Beverly Hills’ boulevards in a top-down convertible to enjoy the region’s eternal summer temperatures and peruse luxury shopping opportunities. It is not uncommon to catch sight of some famous personality en route. Burberry, Cartier, Gucci, Versace, and other designer-label stores line legendary Rodeo Drive with open doors that invite exploration. Further cultural and shopping opportunities are to be discovered along the familiar avenues of Wilshire and Sunset Boulevard.

Where to Eat in Beverly Hills?

Those of simpler tastes may simply enjoy Beverly Hills’ pleasant parks and bustling cafés; refined palates will be charmed by local gourmet dining, including Delmonico’s and El Cielo—regarded as Los Angeles’ most romantic restaurant. A variety of delicious cuisines can be found along the famous mile-long stretch on La Cienega Boulevard, coined "Restaurant Row" in the 1940s. Furthermore, the attractions of Los Angeles are easily accessed from Beverly Hills, given its central location.

How Many People Live in Beverly Hills?

Population: 34,109

Beverly Hills Map: Homes on the Market

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