Living in Lakeside: Things to Do and See in Lakeside, Montana

Lakeside: Life on the Shores of Flathead Lake

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There's a lake in Northwest Montana deeper than the Yellow Sea and the Persian Gulf. Bigger than Lake Tahoe and every other freshwater lake in the West. It's clean, clear, and bright blue. Flathead Lake is a special place, and the people who live here know it.

The lovely town of Lakeside lies on the shores of this stunning lake. With approximately 2,700 residents, it is a cozy community with the glacial waters on one side and Flathead National Forest lands on the other. Lakeside also moonlights as a ski town in the winter. Blacktail Mountain , a community ski area located just out of town, offers the unique opportunity of skiing on a hill that overlooks the West's biggest freshwater lake. Not only are the runs spectacular for downhill skiing, the resort grooms miles of trails for cross country skiers as well.

The winter months provide endless opportunity for outdoor adventure. When the lake freezes over, in addition to skiing, you can ice skate, ice fish, Nordic ski, snowshoe, and snowmobile in the wilderness that stretches out in every direction. A half hour's drive north is Whitefish Mountain Resort , Northwest Montana's prized ski resort and further south is the vibrant college town of Missoula. An international airport is 30 minutes away making travel easy.

The summer months offer just as much to do, if not more. Lakeside emerges as a lively cultural center in the summer with numerous festivals, family events, and the general activity of the tourist season. Outdoor adventures include swimming, fishing, sailing and boating as well as tubing and jet skiing on Flathead Lake. There is even a yacht club that meets just down the road which offers youth instruction. The water is so translucent and so deep that it attracts visitors from great distances who simply want to scuba dive. Lakeside’s attractions make it the ideal town for families.

Some nights, there is no better place to cook dinner than on the porch watching the sunset over the lake with the mountains in the distance, while other nights, your can take advantage of one of many restaurants overlooking the Flathead. There is even a local brew pub that serves not only fantastic brews but a wide variety of food as well.

Life here revolves around the outdoors. How could it not, when you live in such a stunning area?

How Many People Live in Lakeside?

Population: 2,700

What Languages Are Spoken in Lakeside?

Language: English

What is the Currency in Lakeside?

Currency: USD

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