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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in London

London remains a fantastic place to live for those that crave culture, entertainment and the hubbub of a busy city, as well as great employment opportunities and a strong economy. London is the capital city both of England and of the UK. It is the smallest of the UK regions and, with a population of over 8 million, it is extremely densely populated, housing around 12.5% of the UK’s residents. This has led to very high demand for property, which, combined with London’s traditional reputation as a safe haven for investors, has resulted in very high property values.

What Is the Architectue in London?

The whole city is brimming with wonderful architecture from all eras. In the residential areas, streets are lined with classic Victorian terraces. In the commercial areas, the imposing stone buildings sit shoulder to shoulder with fantastic ultra-modern skyscrapers, creating a beautiful and constantly evolving skyline alongside incredible new buildings such as the Shard and the Cheesegrater. Many of the modern skyscrapers are open to the public; a great chance to take in an unrivalled view of this fantastic cityscape.

What to Do and See in London?

From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, London Zoo to Tower Bridge, with hundreds of galleries, historical monuments and world renowned buildings in between, there is never a shortage of things to do and visit in the capital.

Galleries & Museums

In South Kensington, the aptly named Exhibition Road is home to the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, all of which offer free entry to the permanent exhibitions, meaning that London residents are able to make the most of them, with many people calling in often for just a brief visit.

Gardens & Parks

Despite the enormous population, London has managed to keep hold of an impressive amount of green space, including eight Royal Parks and countless gardens, commons and squares. These spaces are fantastically well enjoyed; used daily for exercise and as a pleasant route to work, these parks come into their own in the summer months, when thousands of London’s residents and visitors descend with picnics, ball games, or just a good book.


The city is a cultural wonder, and very diverse. Over 300 languages are spoken and the cuisine and entertainment on offer is no less varied. The West End is renowned throughout the world as a must-visit destination for plays and musicals, but the whole city has so much to offer, with hundreds of shows on at any one time. Venues vary from relatively unknown local theatres, seating fewer than a hundred people, to huge arenas like the O2, which puts on shows by some of the world’s top musical performers and comedians for audiences of up to 20,000.

How to Get Around London?

Transportation in London is excellent; the very extensive London Underground is the world’s oldest underground train network, and works in conjunction with the other arms of London’s transport network, which includes overground trains, boats, buses and even a cable car!

How Many People Live in London?

Population: 8,174,000

What Languages Are Spoken in London?

Language: English, plus around 300 others

What is the Currency in London?

Currency: GBP (Pound sterling)

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