Living in Los Cabos: Things to Do and See in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos—A Unique Place For Those Who Feast On Beautiful Living

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Los Cabos

Originally a remote sport fishing getaway accessible only by sea or private plane, and visited by adventurous Hollywood personalities as an escape, Los Cabos managed to stay largely undeveloped well into the 1980s. As air travel and paved highways made distances manageable, northerners eventually “discovered” this hidden jewel, and the rare beauty of the diverse topography, the phenomenal abundance of marine life, and ceaseless beaches that make Los Cabos not just an exotic tropical destination, but also a place for superlative living. Los Cabos calls those who feast on beautiful living, and for whom a dynamic yet restful lifestyle is requisite.


Development came purposefully slowly, with an eye toward exclusivity and on maintaining the character of a desert-meets-the-sea paradise, all while creating some of the most extraordinary residences and communities imaginable.

How to Get to Los Cabos?

With excellent, current-day infrastructure not available in so many resort havens, two international airports serving private aircraft of all sizes and direct commercial flights from countless U.S., Canadian, and domestic cites, and charming, industrious local people providing every possible service, Los Cabos has become part-or-full-time home for global celebrities and industry titans, as well as families who treasure the very best times together in the very finest of locations.

What Is the Architecture in Los Cabos?

Expansive, estancia-style haciendas employing incredible natural materials sourced both locally and globally abound. Fine craftsmanship is an art form here, made for daily life. Vast open indoor spaces give way to open air living and lavish entertaining, while luxurious, commodious personal spaces beckon after dark. No amenity need be spared, with most homes boasting pools, spectacular outdoor kitchens, peaceful decorative water features, and much more.Crisp contemporary architecture is also found, with clean lines and equally grand spacial qualities holding true as well, with scale and flow providing those with a refined sense of simplicity a worthy canvas on which to paint a modern lifestyle.

Custom Homes

The glorious nature of luxury homes in Los Cabos must be seen to be fully comprehended…truly every desire can be met in any architectural style. Whether you seek an existing home to personalize, or a newly crafted one built to exacting specifications, be assured that your Cabo home will be an irresistible draw unto itself. And with beachfront, golf course, exclusive remote living, mountain or desert communities—plus combinations of all of these—your Cabo home can be one unimaginable anywhere else on the planet.

How Many People Live in Los Cabos?

Population: 290,000

What Languages Are Spoken in Los Cabos?

Language: Spanish and English

What is the Currency in Los Cabos?

Currency: Mexican Pesos

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