Living in Miami Beach: Things to Do and See in Miami Beach, Florida

Miami—The Gateway to the Americas

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Miami

Whether it’s the nightlife you crave or a relaxing evening in a cottage surrounded by luscious vegetation, Miami has it all. Full of tropical trees and ocean reefs, the sun is out all year round. From the beautiful coastline of Miami Beach to the historic coral reef homes in Coral Gables, you can enjoy paradise in your own backyard.

What Is the Architecture in Miami?

George Merrick (founder of Coral Gables) traveled to Miami from Duxbury, Massachusetts in 1899. When his father passed, Merrick amassed about 3,000 acres of land and set out to build the city of Coral Gables. Working with many talented designers and architects, he created a unique suburb of Miami inspired by the Mediterranean Revival Style, filled with residential and country club areas, business, industrial and craft subdivisions, recreational areas, and more. The supervising architect, Phineas Paist, established the Board of Architects Review Panel, who still oversees architectural details such as paint colors and terra cotta roof tiles, to this day. Established in 1925, Coral Gables continues to be one of the most unique and desirable areas to live in the Miami area.

What to Do and See in Miami?

Home to exciting nightlife, fashion, and white sand beaches, Miami Beach is one of Florida’s most breathtaking places to live. Filled with myriad of delightful restaurants and enchanting boutique shops, it is truly a tropical paradise. Dating back to 1915 when Miami Beach was incorporated, it continues to be a source of artistic inspiration to all who walk its shores. One of the most popular neighborhoods, South Beach, brings excitement to all who reside, with its world-class nightclubs, luxury hotels, and lavish high-rise oceanfront condominiums.

How Many People Live in Miami Beach?

Population: 413,892

What Languages are Spoken in Miami Beach?

Language: English

What is the Currency in Miami Beach?

Currency: USD

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