Living in Monterrey: Things to Do and See in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Monterrey—Mountainous, Modern, Magnificent

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Monterrey

Monterrey is a thriving city—well known for its strong industrial development, world-class education, highly qualified labor force, and positive environment for business development. It is also recognized as the “Mountain City” for its beautiful landscapes and incredible shaped mountain peaks of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

What Is the History of Monterrey?

It is currently Mexico’s wealthiest, most modern, and third largest city. Located in Mexico’s northeastern state of Nuevo León, the city was founded in 1596. While business and the high-tech industry draw a steady stream of business travelers, Monterrey also offers nonstop diversions for leisure travelers, from exceptional museums to outdoor adventures.

What to Do and See in Monterrey?

Monterrey has a variety of top-quality parks, sports venues and museums, such as the Fundidora Park, Santa Lucia Riverwalk, the Mexican History Museum, the Museum of the Northeast (MUNE) and the Contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey (MARCO) created by internationally renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta.


Not far from Monterrey are several excellent nature excursions within the state of Nuevo Leon. Fifteen minutes outside of town is La Huasteca Canyon, famous for its beautiful mountains and wind-carved rock formations. Another natural attraction is the waterfall known as Cola de Caballo, a series of three wispy waterfalls that form a spectacular view.

Where Are the Expat Communities in Monterrey, Mexico?

In Monterrey, there is a well-known consensus that the best place for expats to live is San Pedro Garza Garcia. This upscale commumity in the Monterrey metropolitan area is unrivaled for safety and ammenities. Here you can find top-tier schools, as well as a vibrant community of both expats and locals alike.

Can Foreigners & Non-Residents Buy a Home in Mexico?

In Mexico, foreigners are allowed to buy any property so long as it is not in a "restricted zone". The restricted zone is within 100 kilometers of a border and 50 kilometers from the coastline. It is possible to get around this restriction by setting up a trust through a Mexican bank, it is encouraged to work with a notary and a lawyer to navigate this type of purchase.

How Many People Live in Monterrey, Mexico?

As of 2015, there are an estimated 4,704,929 people living in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

What Language Is Spoken in Mexico?

Spanish is the most prevalent language spoken in Mexico although there is no official language. There are 68 national languages recognized by the Mexican government, of which 63 are indigenous. Spanish is considered the defacto official language of Mexico, and is the mother tongue of 93% of the population. Mexico has the second largest population of indigenous language speakers in the Americas after Peru. However, this group makes up only 6.5% of the total Mexican population, much less of an overall percentage than several other Latin American countries.

What Is the Currency in Mexico?

The official and legal tender of Mexico is the Mexican Peso. The word peso was originally used in the context pesos oros and pesos platos (meaning gold and silver weights). The name is comparable to the British pound sterling. The term peso emerged in reference to the Spanish dollar, which was used in the Americas from the 15th to the 18th centuries. This is the currency from which both the U.S. dollar and the Mexican pesos derive their names.

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