Living in Montreal: Things to Do and See in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal, Canada—the French City of North America

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Known as one of the most vibrant and culturally rich cities in North America, Montréal is the continent’s only French metropolis, populated by a rich mosaic of cultures. With no shortage of activities, recreation, and attractions, this northerly city is a virtual hotbed of activity. Surrounded by three rivers, Montréal is an island in the Saint Lawrence River, accessible only by bridge.

What Is the Weather in Montreal?

The cool climate doesn’t stop the festive atmosphere enjoyed by one and all in “Canada’s Cultural Capital.” Wrapped in mufflers and mittens, Montrealeans come out in droves, despite sub-zero temperatures, to celebrate everything from jazz to art to fireworks, against the beautiful snow-draped city. Summertime is warm and humid; autumn is imbued with vibrant colors; and winter is chilled and snowy. But every season is infused with a bevy of joyous activity.

What to Do and See in Montreal?

For those looking to stay warm while scoping city sites, especially during the winter season, Montréal “la ville souterraine,” or underground city, is the world’s largest and interconnects many of the buildings to the Metro station. Old Montréal is the most charming section of the city, replete with narrow streets and architectural styles that date as far back as the 1600s. Scenic strolls through the waterfront park, boat tours down the river, or museum hopping are just some of the pastimes enjoyed in this historic district.


Festivals can be found all year long, but particularly in the summer and autumn months, and include Just for Laughs, Francofolies, Nuits d’Afrique, and Montréal en Lumiere. And, for the nocturnal, there’s the art-inspired Montréal All-Nighter, which keeps the city lit with activity from dusk til dawn. While the snow flies, a floury of activity is enjoyed during the High Lights Festival, when the last 10 days of February heat up with music, lights, and performance artists, a scene filled with spicy rhythms, colorful lights, and flavorful cuisine.


Delicate palates and finicky taste buds are sure to find something to please with the thousands of restaurants that provide both fine dining and casual consumption, in an array of ethnic faire.

The Outdoors

Locals and visitors alike are drawn to the plethora of outdoor recreational pursuits, which includes cross-country skiing, ice-skating, river surfing, kayaking, and biking—all amid a sun-filled pine-dotted terrain and sparkling riverscape.

How Many People Live in Montreal?

Population: 1,620,693

What Languages Are Spoken in Montreal?

Language: French, English

What is the Currency in Montreal?

Currency: Canadian Dollars

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