Living in Paradise Island: Things to Do and See in Paradise Island, Bahamas

Nassau and Paradise Island—The Most Exciting Island of The Bahamas

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What is the History of Paradise Island, Bahamas

New Providence is an island steeped in history but ready for the future. It became a British colony in 1666, having been settled the year before by English settlers, many of whom were from Bermuda. Originally called Charles Towne in memory of King Charles II, the name of the Bahamian capital was changed to Nassau in 1695, to honor King William II, who was of the house of Orange-Nassau.

Throughout its early history, New Providence was a haven for pirates until Captain Woodes Rogers, himself a former pirate, was named the first Royal Governor of the Bahama Islands in 1717. Rogers either pardoned those pirates who had been scared straight, or hanged those who refused to give up their violent lifestyle. In memory of his service, a statue of Rogers was erected, which still stands in front of the British Colonial Hilton in Nassau.

What Types of Property are Available in Paradise Island, Bahamas?

New Providence and Paradise Island offer perhaps the widest choice of residential property in the Bahamas. Much of it is very upscale, with homes in the millions of dollars being rather common. The island boasts one of the most prestigious residential areas in the world, Lyford Cay, which has a single guarded gate as well its own private golf course. For someone fortunate enough to be looking for a haven for the rich and famous, Lyford Cay would be ideal.

What to Do and See in Paradise Island, Bahamas?

A wealth of recreational activities is available on both New Providence and Paradise Island. Marina facilities are plentiful and modern with related water-oriented activities widely available. New Providence boasts many dive shops, several of which are outside the Nassau and Paradise Island area, thus giving access to a variety of different dive locations around the island. In addition to a private golf course on Lyford Cay, New Providence and Paradise Island offer three world-class golf courses: The Cable Beach Golf Club, which is run by the Radisson Cable Beach Resort; the Ramada South Ocean Golf Resort, on the southwestern part of the island; and the Ocean Club Golf Course on the eastern end of Paradise Island.

New Providence and Paradise Island both have more of everything that the Bahamas have to offer: more hotels, more homes and condos, more restaurants, more marinas, and more dive shops than any other island in the country. It also has a larger population than any of the other islands by far. It is by far the most exciting island of the Bahamas.

How Many People Live in Paradise Island?

Population: 354,563 (throughout the Bahamas)

What Languages Are Spoken in Paradise Island?

Language: English

What is the Currency in Paradise Island?

Currency: Bahamian dollar

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Paradise Island Map: Homes on the Market

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