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Living in Sydney: Things to Do and See in Sydney, Australia

The Multifaceted Wonder of Sydney, Australia, the Harbour City

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Sydney, Australia

Sydney perfectly melds cosmopolitan chic with the urban active lifestyle and then infuses it with Aussie good humor.

What to Do and See in Sydney?

The city offers up seemingly boundless options for diversion: surfing at Bondi Beach, horseback riding in Centennial Park, jogging the paved walkway on Coogee Cliffs, or joining the flotilla of boats tacking across the waves of the harbour. For a view of the city you won’t soon forget, hike to the 134-meter peak of the Harbour Bridge, the world’s largest steel-span structure. The city’s generous open spaces, including the Royal Botanical Gardens inspire quieter pursuits. Sydney is a sports hub with professional teams in cricket, soccer, rugby, and Australian football. The 1,170-kilometer Rolex Sydney-to-Hobart is one of the top three off-shore races in the world, attracting maxi yachts from around the globe. The shopping in Sydney is sublime as is the dining. The area’s Aboriginal traditions and Pan-Asian influences thread a subtle multicultural theme through local art, food, and music. The cafés and nightspots serve through the wee hours. The year’s festival calendar is chock full of events devoted to jazz; Shakespeare; cooking; film; kites; and notably, to the “accidental” harvest of Marie Ann Smith’s (aka Granny Smith’s) tart green apples that are now famous around the globe.


Like a beacon in the harbour, the iconic Opera House is a reminder to the world that Sydney is a cultural tour de force. Perched on Bennelong Point, the Opera House is a three-dimensional structure, whose design form was based on segments of an orange. Sydney’s world-class symphony, opera, ballet, and theater companies perform here as do artists ranging from The Beach Boys to the Tom Tom Crew.

How Many People Live in Sydney?

Population: 4.4 million

What Languages Are Spoken in Sydney?

Language: English .

What is the Currency in Sydney?

Currency: Australian Dollar.

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