Living in Vero Beach: Things to Do and See in Vero Beach, Florida

Tranquil Island Living in Vero Beach on Florida’s Elegant Treasure Coast

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Living in Vero Beach, Florida

A charming seaside community located on Florida's beautiful treasure coast, Vero Beach is homey, yet casually elegant. Vero Beach tends to attract visitors and residents because of the cultural wealth and inherent natural beauty of the area. In fact, Vero Beach was rated the "Best Small Town in Florida and 12th in the Nation" and was named one of "The 100 Best Art Towns in America." From the barrier island's twenty-three miles of beautiful beaches to the cobalt waters of the Indian and Sebastian Rivers and the lush farm and woodlands, Vero Beach and Indian River County are places where people and businesses thrive and grow. While Vero Beach has a rich history and the tourism industry is still thriving, the city itself is remarkably un-crowded and peaceful. The residents of Vero Beach have put the beauty, history, and livability of the area first, keeping the spirit of the city alive while maintaining its appeal. Careful zoning laws have guided low-density development in Vero Beach, which helps to maintain the enviable quality of life in this area.

What Is the Weather in Vero Beach?

Offshore, the waters of the Gulf Stream ensure daytime temperatures that rarely drop below 70 degrees.

What Is the History of Vero Beach?

With its pedigree in citrus and aviation, as well as inviting tourism, Vero Beach offers its populace the true flavor of the good life. Originally established in the mid-1840s, this area was discovered by more people as the U.S. railroads improved commerce and transportation options. In addition, by making world-renowned Indian River Florida citrus available to a wider range of the country, the area’s reputation began to grow exponentially. As business boomed, wetlands were reclaimed in an effort to make land in Vero Beach available for the increasing number of residents who chose to set down their roots in this beautiful community. The reclamation was very successful, providing lush acres and allowing for residents to enjoy the climate as well as the vast business opportunities in the area. By 1925, Vero Beach was ready to be incorporated into a city in its own right. It had become well-known not just as a seat of commerce, but as a winter vacation paradise that attracted travelers from around the world. Vero Beach real estate was a hot commodity, but local laws prohibited many of the attractions, such as the movie theater, from operating on Sundays. These laws, along with other restrictions that hampered tourism, brought matters in Vero Beach real estate to a decision. Vero Beach was incorporated, becoming the county seat of the new Indian River County in the process.

What to Do and See in Vero Beach?

With cultural amenities from art to opera, recreation from surfing competitions to polo matches, and shopping opportunities that far exceed expectations for a small town, Vero Beach welcomes you to its unique brand of tranquil island living. The Vero Beach and Indian River County area offers outstanding health care with two major hospitals with 24-hour emergency service; seven walk-in, emergency clinics that operate generally six days a week; and more than 20 pharmacies. Find a medical professional in our Medical Directory. If you’re in the mood to explore, Vero Beach holds a plethora of local attractions to keep you occupied. Check out the Kennedy Space Center or a number of the wildlife preserves located within the area. In Vero Beach you’re never too far away from something breathtaking. In fact, one thing’s for certain—once you visit the beautiful Vero Beach/Indian River County area, you won’t want to leave.

How Many People Live in Vero Beach?

Population: 16,939

What Languages Are Spoken in Vero Beach?

Language: English

What is the Currency in Vero Beach?

Currency: USD

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