Living in St. Croix: A Real Estate and Lifestyle Guide to St. Croix

St. Croix—The Perfect Mix of Luxury and Sustainable Island Living Within a Historical Context

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Where is St. Croix Located?

St. Croix is located at the easternmost point of the continental United States of America and is one of four islands that make up the US Virgin Islands.

What is the Weather like in St. Croix?

The east side of St. Croix experiences desert climates whereas the west side’s climate is more similar to that of a rainforest.

What are the Desirable Neighborhoods in St. Croix?

Frederiksted features beautiful, Victorian-era architecture, and Christiansted offers wonderful shopping and events. Wherever you are on the island, you will have access to gorgeous nature and luxurious points of interest for the luxury lifestyle. The East End is popular for boating, and its proximity to Christiansted, and the Northwest side is known for its rainforest. Golf courses and diving opportunities are available near Frederiksted.

What is the Architecture of St. Croix?

St. Croix offers a perfect mix of traditional and modern architecture. Many of the buildings feature baroque-style details with roofed galleries and brick archways. More modern architecture can be found scattered throughout the island. Among the island’s magnificent private estates is The Castle, which was influenced by Moorish and oriental architecture.

Where to Eat in St. Croix?

St. Croix hosts an annual Food & Wine Experience in April where celebrity and local chefs team up to create dishes at different venues across the island. These events celebrate local food, farms, and restaurants, as well as the locally made products available on the island from wine and rums to beers and spirits, including rum. Notable restaurants on the island include Savant, Rumrunners, Zion Modern Kitchen, La Reine Chicken Shack, and Harvey’s. Farm and Sea-to-table options are a specialty on the island.

What to Do and See in St. Croix

St. Croix hosts various cultural festivals and events throughout the year. Every year on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, there is a Mardi Croix parade. The island is filled with lush landscaping and natural beauty. You can visit the St. George Village Botanical Garden and explore the 17-acre estate. Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve features mangrove forest and a submarine canyon. The park is rich in history; you can book a private custom tour or stroll the area by yourself. The Cruzan Rum Distillery offers tastings and classes on creating cocktails and truly enjoying the island lifestyle.


How Many People Live in St. Croix?

St. Croix’s population is around 51,000. The island appeals to young families, retired individuals looking for a luxury island lifestyle, and younger individuals looking for adventure.

Language and Culture:

What Languages Are Spoken in St. Croix?

The official language of the island is English, though Virgin Islands Creole English (Crucian) is also spoken.


What Iis the Currency in St. Croix?

The currency on St. Croix is the US dollar as the USVI is a territory of the United States.

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