Real Estate Agent
Scott Rifflard is a Realtor-Associate® with over 25 years of experience in the home improvement industry. He specializes in residential real estate and is part of a real estate team with his wife, Nargis Rifflard and her partner Colleen Spence.

Scott began his career as a business owner in the residential flooring trades in Wyckoff and Westwood, New Jersey. Twelve years in residential project management, custom spatial design, sales and customer service has given him a wealth of experience in meeting his customer's needs. Due to this extensive home improvement background, he brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry, enabling his clients to visualize the long-term potential of a home.

Scott is able to leverage Christie's Northern New Jersey' unmatched corporate marketing resources and superior customer service to assist clients at all parts of the real estate process.

Scott is a sporting enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his family on their boat at the Jersey shore. He has been a resident of Ringwood for 20 years.


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