Real Estate Agent

Dana Sanchez is a Realtor-Associate® specializing with both buyers and sellers in the Hudson County community. Dana understands the importance of customer satisfaction and strong work ethic, she grew up working at a popular, family-owned Bayonne restaurant. Dana also has a business background- she studied marketing and economics at school, which ultimately led her into a career as a production manager in the fashion industry. Currently, Dana is also an admired schoolteacher in Jersey City.


As a lifelong resident of Bayonne, Dana’s inspiration to become a realtor is to showcase her knowledge for the business and share her love for Hudson County with others. With her work ethic, ties to the community, and her passion for both real estate, Dana ensures the best service and experience to all her clients.

Dana Sanchez

  • Realtor-Associate®
80 Hudson Street
霍博肯, 新泽西州, 07030 美国