Real Estate Agent

"Always work fully for your client's best interest" - - That's the principle that drives how I work.

Buyers appreciate my background in home remodel and construction and the quality of insights that allows me to offer them.  They also value that I go above and beyond for them and skillfully guide them through the process and that I really know Chicago well.  They know they're in ‘good hands' and that I always do what's in their best interest.  I love working with buyers because it's exciting and because they enjoy it so much.

Sellers appreciate that I do everything possible to grant them maximum exposure and maximum value.  They value my communication throughout the process and the skill and professionalism with which I handle each sale.  It's a great honor to handle what is for many people their most important asset.  I take great pride in that.

Investors appreciate that I am also an investor and that I ‘get it' when it comes to the numbers that create profitability.  They know that I also understand buildings and costs of maintenance, repairs, and remodeling.  I love hearing how investments are working out for my clients.

I'm also available to my clients long after the sale as your local expert – your guy who has ‘got a guy', or who may come fix something himself just for the chance to connect with you again and be of help.  My hope is to live out my faith in everything I do in my business and to be a blessing to each person I work with.

Greg Sytsma

806 N. Peoria
Suite 100 Chicago, Illinois, 60642 Estados Unidos