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On the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, this organic winery is really unique. Built on terraces allowing the exploitation of all the land available, this farm is made up of 6 hectares of vineyards, 2 ha of olive grove and 2 ha of lemon grove producing excellent wines (up to 25.000 bottles), extra-virgin oil (11 hl), liquors and marmalades. Nestled on a cliff overlooking the sea, just outside Maiori in the beautiful Amalfi Coast, organic winery with 6 ha of vineyards, 2 ha of olive grove and 2 ha of lemon grove.
Easily reached via the municipal road network, the property is made up of terraced land which allows fully exploiting the available surfaces. Services are all available in the nearby town of Maiori (5km; 15’) but several towns of Campania can easily be reached by car: the old Republic of Amalfi (6km; 25’), Salerno (20km; 50’), the unique Positano (28km; 1h 10’), the archaeological sites of Pompei (31km; 55’) and Paestum (61km; 1h 30’), Naples with wonderful monuments (65km; 1h 15’), Sorrento (66km; 1h 35’) and the beautiful Caserta with the incredible Reggia (92km; 1h 30’).
The most convenient airports to reach the property are Napoli Capodichino (69km; 1h 10’), Bari Karol Wojtyła (250km; 3h 5’), Roma Ciampino (271km; 3h) and Roma Fiumicino (298km; 3h 20’).

The cellar (150 sqm – 1,614 sqft) is located in the uppermost part of the property and houses the locals for processing and transformation of grapes harvested in the vineyards.

Scattered throughout the property are located several stone and masonry buildings (464 sqm – 4,992 sqft), mainly to be recovered and restored, which could be used as a starting point for an accommodation business in the property (Agriturismo or rural tourism).

The building N°1 (61 sqm – 656 sqft) is a two-story structure to be restored. On the ground floor (29 sqm) one could obtain a small apartment with garden (15 sqm). The loft is not habitable but could be used as a storage room.

The building N°2 (35 sqm – 377 sqft) is a two-storey structure which could be used for an apartment on the upper floor (18 sqm) with cellar (17 sqm). The loft is not habitable but could be used as a storage room. Outside, the building is equipped with a basin easily converted into a swimming pool.

The building N°3 (62 sqm – 667 sqft) is a two-story structure. On the lower floor (13 sqm) is located a cellar while on the upper floor one could build an apartment (49 sqm). The loft and the gallery are not habitable but could be used as storage rooms. Outside are located a canopy (roughly 35 sqm) and a cistern (whose conversion into a swimming pool cannot be guaranteed).

The building N°4 (116 sqm – 1,248 sqft) is an ample two story structure. The lower floor houses a cellar (53 sqm) while the upper one could easily be converted into an apartment (63 sqm) with gallery and loft. The upper floor gives access to a covered balcony (18 sqm) while outside is located a wood-burning oven and cistern (whose conversion into a swimming pool cannot be guaranteed).

The building N°5 (44 sqm – 473 sqft) is a cellar with an outdoor cistern and a concrete basin for grape pressing.

The building N°6 (22 sqm – 237 sqft) is currently used as an animal shelter, but could be potentially reworked into a residential unit.

The building N°7 (23 sqm – 247 sqft) could be restored and converted into a residential unit. Of the two cisterns located near the building, the smaller one could be converted into a swimming pool.

The building N°8 (21 sqm – 226 sqft) is currently used a tool room (14 sqm) and animal shelter. The building could be easily converted into a small residential unit.

The building N°9 (30 sqm – 323 sqft) is laid out onto two floors and is made up of a residential unit on two floors (27 sqm) and a small animal shelter (3 sqm). Outside, the building is enriched by a small courtyard (27 sqm).

The building N°10 (50 sqm – 538 sqft) is an ample two-story building housing the cellar on the lower floor (14 sqm) and a residential unit on the upper floor (36 sqm). The attic and the gallery are not habitable but could be used as storage rooms. On the outside is located a pergola (30 sqm).

The cellar, heart of the property, is in excellent structural and aesthetic conditions and is currently used at full-regime to produce wines. The roof of the building houses a photovoltaic system providing energy to a part of the property (4 kW), well-blended with the roof tiles and then almost invisible.
The other buildings, some of which currently used as storage rooms, need several works but many of them could be easily converted into small residential units for an accommodation business. Two of the cisterns on the cliffs could be converted into swimming pools for the accommodation business.

The estate, built along a cliff overlooking the sea, covers a total surface of 22 hectares (54.2 acres), masterfully terraced so to fully exploit lands placed on steep slope, and falls inside the Parco regionale dei Monti Lattari. Cultivated following a totally organic management we have a vineyard (6 ha – 14.8 ac), an olive grove (2 ha – 4.9 ac) and a lemon grove (2 ha – 4.9 ac). The remaining surface (12 ha – 29.6 ac) is covered in woodland and Mediterranean scrub. Among other things we have figs and prickly pears which (together with grapes and lemons) are used in the production of organic marmalades and jams.

Among the products of the estate we must remember the excellent Femminello sfusato Amalfitano “Limone Costa d’Amalfi IGP” whose zest is also used in the production of a lemon-flavored liquor. The wild fennel growing inside the estate is used to produce another liquor named Finocchietto. The production of the two liquors currently ranges around a few thousands bottles, but could be further increased.

The olive grove is the result of a careful work of recovery operated on old trees, together with the replanting of new specimens, and allows nowadays the production of Colline Salernitane DOP extra-virgin olive oil.
- Olive grove surface: 2.0 ha
- Number of trees: 1,500
- Cultivar: Frantoio, Leccino, Rotondella, Carpellese, Ogliarola
- Altitude: 50 – 600 m
- Yearly production: 1,000 kg (11 hl)

The vineyard (real heart of the business) is made up of varieties typical of the area and allows producing three types of wines (white, red, rosé).
- Vineyards surface: 6.0 hectares
- Variety of grapes: Falanghina, Piedirosso, Biancolella, Ginestra, Aglianico and Tintore
- Altitude: 30 – 650 m
- Exposure: Southeast / Southwest
- Density: 5,000 vines/ha
- Training: Guyot, alberello
- Soil composition: volcanic
- Yearly production: 20.000 – 25.000 bottles

- Costa d’Amalfi DOC Bianco: Falanghina (50%), Biancolella (10/15%), Ginestra (30/35%)
- Costa d’Amalfi DOC Rosso: Piedirosso (50/60%), Aglianico (20/30%), Tintore (10%)
- Costa d’Amalfi DOC Rosato: Piedirosso (50/60%), Aglianico (20/30%), Tintore (10%)

The property is currently run as an organic farm with production of wines, oil, jams, lemons and liquors. The restoration of the many buildings along the slope would allow converting them into residential units which could be rented out to the many tourists visiting the Amalfi Coast every year, granting an increment of the property’s income.
The agricultural activities could also act as learning activities for visitors, a way to shows the peculiar cultivation systems needed in the area and the productive processes involved in the production of wine, oil, jams and liquors.


  • Adega / Cave
  • Solar Energy
  • Panoramic Views
  • Frente para o mar
  • Ecológica (verde)
  • Adega
  • Vinha
  • Frente para o mar
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This Maiori Vineyard is for Venda. This Vineyard is listed on the Christie's International Real Estate website and it boasts 6,609.1 Pés Quadrados of interior space.
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