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Consider the virtues of farms, farmhouses, farming estates, and old ranch homes in the luxury category: Heritage farmland, an organic farm property or smallholding, a plantation, dairy farm or cattle ranch can combine rural splendor with the comforts of down-home living, complete seclusion and communion with the land. These farming estates, these working ranches offer it all: farm-to-table food production, total privacy, fenced pasture or open land, wilderness access, scenic views, world-class recreation, and hunting land.

Whether your choice is to experience the lifestyle of a traditional farming estate with arable fields, grasslands, meadows, and groves, barns for livestock animals, and stable yards for horses; a country manor with woodland and vale for field sports or big-game hunting; a sporting lodge with a pond, stream, or lake for angling or fly-fishing; or a prairie home surrounded by vast, wide-open ranchland. Expect interiors with charming, rustic touches, a country kitchen for family gatherings, ample bedrooms for residents, staff, and guests, mud rooms and tack rooms, perhaps even a roaring hearth or stone fireplace as a romantic focal point. In our portfolio, you’ll find a bounty of farming estates ranging from windswept estancias in the foothills of the Andes, working ranches in the American West to classic colonial farms in New England and game reserves in the Scottish Highlands.

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